Thursday, December 30, 2010

an ode to the year...

Coat of arms of the PhilippinesImage via Wikipedia-long live the PI!
As my year ends I review what I have done with my life.. Nothing was exactly perfect but everything was just how I wanted it to be..Everything was focused on being happy for this year. Though it's the last 24 hours of this year, I don't know whether or not I have fully accomplished that purpose. Am I happy? Do I have everything that I have wanted? I have a guy who loves me, I have family and I have friends. I got to do things that I never got to do before. I got over an old love, I became an aunt and I became a serious student being elected to a college officership and as well as a National Position for an association for law students all over the Philippines. I have experienced a life and death situation as a terrorist attack befell upon one of my recent travels. I have met and lost people for this year. Some left because they wanted to, some left because God took them away. I cannot count the many times I have attempted to give my heart away this year but I guess I have already aceepted that I'm inlove with love. I was presented with a lot of challenges, I made mistakes, got scolded for them, I learned and I got better. I have shared what I have learned to others and I plan to continue learning and sharing them. This year, I also  went through an adventure with my classmates as well as my professor on the same day, I saw someone I thought I wouldn't see again. I realized I have let go of anger but my only challenge is to accept the cause of that anger back in my life. All in all, 2010 was not just about being happy for me. It was about being truly alive. Next year, I will truly be better, and 2012 will be the year I will fulfill my dream. To become a lawyer, to grab that chance no matter what it takes. For my parents, for myself, for my future. So I say, goodbye 2010. I won't meet you again, you are a year that marks me as I bloom in full spring of my life. I will surpass you in 2011. I love you, goodbye.
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