Friday, December 30, 2011

My turtle boogs..

Last May, I got this turtle at Magallanes. I don't know what kind of turtle he is though but he's big and brown (AKA "bisaya" turtle or local turtle). I named him Boogs because that time I went to the ear doctor and had mine removed. Anyhow, when I first bought him I wasn't sure if he was healthy enough because his shell was cracked which was a sign of an unhealthy turtle but I bought him anyway and also bought him a new home. I didn't know what I got myself in to though because I didn't know turtles crapped ALL THE TIME. So for every 2 to 3 days, I kept changing his water because he might get sick and die (and I was just finally able to get him back to full health). So anyway, for the next few months I didn't know that you could buy a filter specially for turtle aquariums and it was not until I visited this petshop in Parkmall, Cebu that I discovered this small filter/fountain/oxygen thing which is perfect for Boogs. It cost only about P290 and I couldn't wait to install it back home. The name of the product is Power 150 filter, it doesn't have a brand name. It's pretty simple, it sucks in the dirty water, filters the solid particles (poo and left over food) and blows out clean water in the other end. I'm still on the 4th day using it and so far so good, the water is still clear. The downside was it had no user manual so I basically had to do a trial and error thing like:

1) I didn't know you had to make sure the filter was free from any blockage on all sides or else it doesn't work. On my second day using it, I put the filter to close to the rocky bottom of Boog's aquarium and I thought it didn't work but when I pulled up the filter gadget a bit, the water cleared in a little more than an hour. It was amazing.

2) I didn't know what some of the components were especially the accessories so it took me about 3 days to figure out that I can use it as a fountain as well! However, my turtle hated the theatrics because it excited him and he would literally run it over with his body so I had to remove the fountain heads accessories.

3) The turtle is having trouble adjusting with the moving water so when I feed him I guess I have to turn off the Power 150 filter so he can eat his pellets.

Here's his pic with his new and improved home. I will definitely get him a bigger aquarium soon because he is getting too big for this one.

I don't know what type of turtle he is but if anybody knows can you help me on how to care for him? I think he is healthy but if I can make my turtle happy then the better.

He doesn't like to swim, I tried putting him in deep water, he just floats. He doesn't like to be under water too long because he always sticks his head up but he likes his head to always be wet.. hmmmmm

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wanted: Marketing associate job in Lahug, Cebu

If you want to make a living through writing, like me, then you might be interested in this offer...

Job title: Content Writer/Marketing associate

-Day Job (Office hours, flexible time), day off can be negotiated
-Office Job (not work-at-home)
-Career Job
-Guaranteed Regular pay P10-15k per month
-Will be dealing with web content
-Hiring until Jan 10, 2012
-If you love FOOD and earning money, this job is for you
-Not a networking scheme

If you are f/m, 21-28 Years of age, has marketing background, college graduate of any course, good in WRITTEN English (so even if you are not good in spoken english as long as you have excellent written English skills then you should apply for this), highly trainable, ambitious, idealistic, committed and eager to be a partner in a new company with high chances of career advancement. Preferably in Cebu Area. Send me an email at or text me 09228171880 introducing yourself and attaching your complete resume is a plus. You will be hired based on the quality of your work, your commitment and how long you can stay with the company so if you are looking for a part-time or temporary job or contractual or project-based job then this is NOT FOR YOU.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

If I met Maria Ozawa in the Philippines, these are the Top 10 questions I would ask her..

So, there's a rumor going around that Maria Ozawa is here in the Philippines right this very moment..and apparently, another rumor has started that she wants Filipinos in her next bukkake (link: which me think what if in a bizarre twist of fate I'd get to meet her coz you never know because of the small world right? hahaha I'm not really a super fan but a lot of the guys I dated know her and are big fans of Maria Ozawa so I kind of like found an interest in her movies for purposes of research.  ;) I just thought, If I met her what would I ask her. Here are my Top 10 questions for Maria Ozawa.

1) What makes a good porn actress?
2) In your movies, you do a lot of things to please the viewers, which of these things to do you do when you have sex with your lover privately? or what type of lover are you in private?
3) Which nationality do you prefer to have sex with (on and off cam) and why?
4) What preparation do you do before filming? (beauty and body)
5) How many men have you had sex with?
6) What type of sex toys do you personally own?
7) How do you balance your personal life and career?
8) How do you keeps yourself fit and sexy?
9) When the recent disastrous earthquake hit japan, a lot of your fans got worried because of the rumor that you were one of casualities, How did you feel about that?
10) If anyone wants to be a porn star, what advice can you give them?

I hope someday I can get an exclusive interview with her. Lol! Just my good luck if that happens. Hey, I'd rather talk about sex than trash talk! This holiday season, make love not war.. ;)) Oh, and if ever, I'll definitely ask for sex tips from her! hehehe