Sunday, March 24, 2013

MY job..

Someone asked me if my job was an OJT. I was like, "No, sometimes I wish I had an OJT. Then, I have an excuse to screw up coz your boss would be like, "It's ok, you're an OJT.. do better next time." or "Next time. do this (insert legal teaching here)" or "Don't worry, you still get a bonus." but Oh no.... if I screw up, my boss would be like "Graduate man unta ka og law!" or "Ayaw ko pangutan-a kay kung ingon ana ikaw dapat musweldo nako." or "Sunod.. Deduction naka"." Nope, this is definitely not an OJT.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Burning bridges..

Sometimes you just have to burn bridges not because you're still mad at them but for the reason you don't want to give them another opportunity to hurt you.

Fairy Tales... they ruin our lives.


Many woman are crazy coz most of us were made to believe we should base our lives on fairy tales. Think about it for a second.. Cinderella was a social climber. Snow white slept with 7 men. Sleeping beauty is an easy girl (fell inlove with the first guy she kissed>>and she was asleep!) Little mermaid was a spoiled stalker who made a deal with the devil for her obsession over a guy who doesn't know she exists. Wendy ran away with a boy to play "house" at 12 yo! Goldilocks is a robber. Red Riding Hood was probably the original dumb blonde (How the heck do u confused a wolf with your grandmother??!!) and don't even get me started with the beastiality behind frog prince and beauty and the beast.

Women should know, in real life, no guy will help you go get out of a tight spot. In fact, if a stranger comes up to you and kisses you, while you are asleep, it means he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR. A beautiful dress and an awesome pair of shoes will not just be given to you by a fairy godmother, you have to work hard to buy it. If you steal it, YOU GO TO JAIL.

You don't JUST GET your happy ending by just sitting down and looking pretty. You get up, take control of your life and grab your happiness or you won't go anywhere. However, do you know why I don't really adhere to fairy tales? Coz I don't need a knight in shining armor. A sweet man in blue jeans will do just fine.

Why FAIRY TALE princesses are not good role models..

Red riding hood: encourages stupidity. Can't even recognize a wolf from her grandma? Dah..
Alice in wonderland: she was addicted to shrooms.. Tama kaayu nang makig talk og iring oi hehe
Beauty and the beast: encouraged going against her father's wishes.
Little mermaid: stalked a prince, made a deal with a sea witch to give herself up for a guy? Psycho much..
Cinderella: ambisyosa! Instead of wishing to be independent and rich, she wishes for a beautiful dress she can't afford and a hot ride, she can't maintain? Ngee..
Goldilocks: encourages robbery.
Jasmine: did u see what she was wearing? Di uroy ka panuhotun dai!
Princess and the pea: pinakaarteng tao much? Di makatug kung dili perfect na mattress?! Pasalamat ka naa ka katre katugan oi!
Wendy: heller.. Run away with a boy, who is obviously too high to grow up, at the age of 12-15??!!
Rapunzel: haba ng hair mo te.. Ikaw na ang conservative na nisugot sudlan og lake iya kwarto gidayeg lang kadjut iya hair..
Sleeping beauty: easy girl, married the first guy she kissed, and in her sleep pa ha!
Snow white: lived together with seven men..
Wa lang i think i posted something like this before hehe