Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to install magicjack plus and transfer my old magicjack number? Unlimited FREE calls to US and Canada

So, we finally upgraded so far to magicjack PLUS and all I can say it's one of the best gadget so far! I can now call anywhere to any phone (cell or landline) to the US and Canada FREE and to anywhere around the world as long as they own a magicjack or their own cellphone or landline if they are in the US or CANADA. It acts like a land line as it actually connects to your handheld unit directly. No more worries about long distance bills! The cons about the magicjack is that yes, you will be able to save on your international calls to the US and Canada but you needed to have your computer always turned on and the features are in conflict with Skype (without the video). But now, the inventor of the magicjack really outdid the competition when he invented the magicjack PLUS which allows you to operate the magicjack without the computer! You just need an internet connection, a landline phone, a electronic jack or plug, and the magicjack plus.

Now, I had difficulties at first because it did not exactly come with complete instructions on how transfer my old magicjack number to this magicjack PLUS. It gave me such a headache last night until I finally figured out how to do it. At first, when I searched on the internet they said that you needed to pay about $20.00 to do so but it is actually when you want to get a NEW magicjack number. But if you want to use your old magicjack number with no additional cost. Here's what to do:

1) Set up your magicjack (The instructions are in the manual)

2) Turn on your computer and plug the magicjack PLUS to your computer and wait for the magicjack program to launch.

3) On the left portion of the magicjack software, they will ask you to register your magicjack PLUS. Click that and wait for the registration window to pop up.

4) Select how you were able to purchase your magicjack PLUS.

5) They will then ask you to enter your purchase details. I just entered the Zip Code and the name used to purchase it which was the account name of my old magicjack number. Log in your magicjack account details (email and password).

6) They will then give you a series of options and so choose the one that says "I don't want a new number, I want to choose a number already saved to my account." or something of that note. Click Next.

7) Choose your old magicjack number and click next.

Then you are done! Just finish answering those offers that they will show you. I clicked NO to all of them.

Just Plug in your magicjack to the electronic socket with the LAN wire and land line phone connected to it and now your ready to send or take calls to and from anywhere around the world. Now, it really does work like a land line.

Now, you are ready to use your magicjack plus! This is especially useful to those who have relatives and friends abroad. To those who don't know what Magicjack PLUS is, first thing you need to know is that you can only purchase this if you are in the United States. In my case, we asked somebody to purchase it for us and had it shipped here to the Philippines and we just set it up here. Of course, we still need to pay the subscription but what you pay for that is nothing compared to long distance phone bills. The subscription is less than $50 I think if you pay for a certain number of YEARS (take note, YEARS). Just imagine the savings and now we can save more on electricity because we don't have to turn on the PC to use the magicjack PLUS because it works WITHOUT a computer.

The one thing we observed is that this is clearer in quality than the old magicjack so, so far so good! :) I'm not getting paid for this review or blog I just want to do this to show my appreciation for this product because we can call our loved ones abroad anytime without the guilt of phonebills. :)

Updated NOTE: Your subscription in magicjack PLUS is DIFFERENT from your subscription in your OLD Magicjack so I suggest you get a magicjack PLUS before your old magicjack subscription is scheduled to end so that it won't be too much a waste because probably you are only going to use the magicjack plus which will have the same number as your old magicjack so it would be redundant. Once, you activated your magicjack plus (transferred your old magicjack number as I instructed above) you already have a new subscription which is for about one year. DO NOT extend your magicjack (OLD) subscription if you intend to use your magicjack PLUS from now on and just renew your magicjack PLUS subscription after the end of your one year subscription. I have ours in auto-renew so the magicjack company emailed me to confirm my order for renew and I just replied to cancel my order for auto-renew of the old magicjack subscription and they did so now my subscription for that has ended and I'm using Magicjack PLUS full time 24/7. Also note, that once you have a magicjack PLUS you are subject to their NEW RATES of about $30 for 1 year subscription including taxes by the time you renew or extend your subscription.