Monday, October 24, 2011

My promise when I become a parent...

Just wondering what kind of parent I might be like>>>When I have kids I'll never build walls that will make them feel distant from me and feel like they can't approach me with anything. I'll respect them and that's when I will expect respect in return. I'll never make them feel like they can't reach my standards nor force them to obey me but we will reach to that stage because we have an understanding and not because I say so. I'll trust them to make their own judgments as I want them to come first to me if they have any problems at all and not to other people because they are afraid of what I will say. I'll be frank and strict but first and foremost I will not choke them. I'll never ever judge them because of formalities, religious beliefs, and freedom of expression. My children will be empowered in their own home, be their own individual, and good people who can think of themselves as I was taught in school and by my own conviction. In addition, I won't make my kids feel like they owe me anything. I can never change my relationship with my parents but I can change my relationship with my own children. I won't be like my own parents because I will be better than them. That's a promise.