Thursday, December 30, 2010

an ode to the year...

Coat of arms of the PhilippinesImage via Wikipedia-long live the PI!
As my year ends I review what I have done with my life.. Nothing was exactly perfect but everything was just how I wanted it to be..Everything was focused on being happy for this year. Though it's the last 24 hours of this year, I don't know whether or not I have fully accomplished that purpose. Am I happy? Do I have everything that I have wanted? I have a guy who loves me, I have family and I have friends. I got to do things that I never got to do before. I got over an old love, I became an aunt and I became a serious student being elected to a college officership and as well as a National Position for an association for law students all over the Philippines. I have experienced a life and death situation as a terrorist attack befell upon one of my recent travels. I have met and lost people for this year. Some left because they wanted to, some left because God took them away. I cannot count the many times I have attempted to give my heart away this year but I guess I have already aceepted that I'm inlove with love. I was presented with a lot of challenges, I made mistakes, got scolded for them, I learned and I got better. I have shared what I have learned to others and I plan to continue learning and sharing them. This year, I also  went through an adventure with my classmates as well as my professor on the same day, I saw someone I thought I wouldn't see again. I realized I have let go of anger but my only challenge is to accept the cause of that anger back in my life. All in all, 2010 was not just about being happy for me. It was about being truly alive. Next year, I will truly be better, and 2012 will be the year I will fulfill my dream. To become a lawyer, to grab that chance no matter what it takes. For my parents, for myself, for my future. So I say, goodbye 2010. I won't meet you again, you are a year that marks me as I bloom in full spring of my life. I will surpass you in 2011. I love you, goodbye.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

SUCs budget cut-My reaction

My message to President Benigno S. Aquino III: Cutting the budget for the SUCs for the purpose of "Augment" that money to basic education is the most illogical argument I have ever heard. Why don't you make more elementary schools and increase the wages of your government employed teachers to prevent them from going abroad instead of cutting off the budget for state colleges and universities? It's like cutting an ARM so that the FEET could grow!?

Gift Ideas for this Christmas..

Well it's that time of the year. Setting aside all the problems in school and life, I always look forward for a change in atmosphere and people's mood. Somehow the wind is colder yet the affection and smiles of people get warmer.:) My blog now is about Christmas Gift ideas for those people involved in your life. On that note, I would like to also include what "NOT" to give them this Christmas just for twist.

1) Livescribe- lol! kinda demanding. I want one seriously I want one
2) Ipad-Well for those that can afford.
3) A good watch- Casio is a good brand. They can use it for the next years of their lives.
4) Clothes- No one can ever get enough of new clothes.
5) Wine- Well personally, the wine I get for christmas would be the same wine I give away as gifts in the months to come. hahahaha (Hoping they don't get to realize it)
6) Food-Philippines has people that can never get enough of food. Christmas is especially the time in every Pinoy's home where people gain weight. Lol Oh are you denying it?
7) Money- I don't care about that bar of imported soap and perfume, just give me a hundred dollars and I'm good :D
8) Anything you made- Well it doesn't really matter if it's a piece of art or a very good creation or not. Anyone who is that special that you would give them something of your effort would definitely appreciate any gift you made.
Don't Give
1) Picture frame-Useless, no one wants another picture frame.
2) Candles- Overrated. It won't be used anyway.
3)Pencils- Won't get used.
4) Books- Won't get read unless it's a really good book with pictures. Depends on who you're giving it too.
5) Jewelry- Too expensive right? Hehehe just give them silver or anything fancy. Some girls love them some don't.

So far, that's all I can think of. I have to talk to some of my friends for their ideas. You can comment below if you thought of any.. Hahaha Cheers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pagbabago Contest by Nuffnang and Goldilocks

Finally, I got the chance to blog about this experience. I've been very busy with school so it's just only now I was able to. First of all, It's the first time for me to win something this major and I really thank everyone from Nuffnang and Goldilocks for this opportunity. Honestly, I thought I wouldn't win at all or rather I thought the contest would be canceled because they postponed the submission time and it took a while for the awarding night to be announced, I submitted Aug. 27 then the deadline was early September I think then they postponed it to September 30, 2010. , I was new at blogging and I don't know anyone personally who was a member of Nuffnang so I was kinda getting worried. They announced the winners only on October 23, 2010. A lot of people were already anxious, I included and I kept visiting the website every other day for updates. When they finally posted the winners on the Nuffnang website, I was so psyched I called my boyfriend and texted my best friend in the world, my sister, immediately. I was just too excited I forgot about the prize, my sis asked and I wasn't sure what I won. (I had my eyes fixed on the IPAD  though but the winner, KCAT, truly deserved it. Her story is amazing and she's probably one of the bravest people I know on this Earth.) So kinda went back to the website again and search their mechanics as to what the category winners are, an IPOD touch! I immediately prayed to God for thanks and gave thanks for giving me my parents. I've always wanted an IPOD touch and I wouldn't have won this if it weren't for them. Their story inspired me and writing made me express my feelings about the situation.

Unfortunately, being the only winner outside Luzon, I couldn't attend the awarding event held at Goldilocks, Shaw Blvd. branch but I'm thankful for Trixie Esguerra from the Nuffnang Team for keeping me updated and for Ann who mailed the Ipod touch to me and for those unnamed people whom I don't know yet because I didn't get a chance to communicate with them but they helped nonetheless for me to be able to get my prize, thank you! I really hope I can meet them soon and personally thank them. I know I kept on following up sorry..hehehe I was supposed to be in Manila Oct. 26-28, 2010 but my oathtaking with the Supreme Court got canceled. I was supposed to take oath as the National Auditor for the Association of Law Students of the Philippines, but it got postponed due to the unavailability of the Chief Justice so necessarily, had to cancel my flight also. :<

In the end, I hoped anyone who has read my blog has learned a valuable lesson. You can search anywhere in this world but true love or unconditional love can truly be found in your family. Give eachother a chance because at the end of the day, all you have is each other. Tayotayo din lang ang magtutulungan sa isa'tisa dahil pamilya tayo. Again, thank you AGAIN and AGAIN Goldilocks and Nuffnang!! To all the winners, CONGRATULATIONS. More contests to come please..:D

Arrived, Nov. 11, 2010

Who from?^^

nakabubble wrap!! hehehe step by step unwrapping
I <3 Nuffnang
My new iPod Touch :)

and best over-all blog winner: Congrats sa IPAD geng! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tibetian Test

I took this online test and this is my result :)

Tibetian Test

1-st question. Priorities in your life:

1: PRIDE-true
2: MONEY-yes
3: FAMILY-of course
4: LOVE-hahaha
5: CAREER-ngeee this comes above love

2-nd question:

loyal implies your own personality. -thanks
mysterious implies personality of your partner. -not so
traitor implies the personality of your enemies - true
sweet- It is how you interpret sex. - hahaha
blue implies your own life.-hmmm

3-rd question:

hydee - Someone you will never forget. - i wonder what is the difference with this and someone you will remember for the rest of your life?
dahlia - Someone you consider your true friend. -true
laurence - Someone that you really love.-shucks
coy - Your twin soul. -hehehe.. yep he is :)
gloria - Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life. -yep

You have to send this test to as many persons as your favorite number (7) and your wish will come true on the day that you recorded (saturday).

This is what the Dalai Lama has said about the Millennium - just take a few seconds to look it up, read it and think.

Do not put away this message, the mantra will come out from your hands in the next 96 hours. You will have a very pleasant surprise.

This is true, even if you are not superstitious. Please do this. It is fascinating.


Link to this test is and all you need to do is send it to your friends. Send it by email or post it to forum or your blog- it doesn't matter, it will work anyway.

Also share it in Facebook, Twitter, etc:

0-4 persons: Your life will improve slightly
5-9 persons: Your life will improve to your liking
9-14 persons: You will have at least 5 surprises in the next three weeks
15 or more persons: Your life will improve drastically and all that you wish will come true.

-i'll send it to everyone who views my blog!

Good luck! :) Also, try our subliminal software. Subliminal messages reprogram your mind, making you more successful, rich, attractive to the opposite sex, healthy, etc.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to be invisible in facebook chat and be visible only to a number of people?

Ok.. If you found my blog, you were probably thinking that it was not possible at first but it is.. It's possible to be invisible to only a specific number of people, poeple who are strangers who you just add up on fb without wanted to communicate with or if you just want to be online to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be done..just follow the simple steps..

1) Go to "account"
2) Go to "Edit friends"
3) Make a group for your:
4) Select the specific people you want to enter or put in that group. You do that by going to "edit list" beside their names in your friends list and checking what group you want them to join.
5) check your chat box.
6) You discover that your groups are in the chat box...
7) How to be online with only a specific group: the green light means your online to them, the grey option means you're offline to them, just drag your mouse to move the "switch". For example, if you have your group, "friends" online, only your friends who are in that group can see you online.. all the rest of the groups that you have your switch off won't be able to see you online.

Neat trick: You can select which groups you want to be on your fb chat just to this..
check the group you want to show up on your chat.. the people who belongs in the group you don't select will not see you online at all and those friends you did not select to be in any group will automatically be put in the "other friends" group in your chat box.(default group) so if you only just have that group switched offline, all the rest of your fb friends who are not in a group will not see you online.

Note: You can't see them if they are online though as well as they can't see you if you're online if you have that group on offline mode.

Simple right? try it..

Any questions just comment below..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dirty, skinny, little alley cat, get u'r slimey paws of my property!

oh come on.. before u try to make a move on my man, make sure at least you can take the heat and the intimidation of my mere presence...hahaha Compared to our very good and very competent lawyer and judge professors in law school that we face everyday, a dirty, skinny, little, alley cat like you don't scare me...;) way challenge..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

funny m0ment with baby nate#fb

caught nate staring at my insurance b0ok with that really curious lo0k while i was studying. me: nahan ka sko law b0ok nate? pa.healthy na para study ta law. Nate: big smile. I think he either likes the idea or he was saying,‘hahaha pag.solo!’

law of nature

the law of nature dictates that karma will eventually catch up on those that hurt you and they will screw up all by themselves. N0 need for revenge,just sit back and relax..if you’re lucky,God will let you watch.;-)

what's a powerbalance?

powerbalance is a breakthrough techn0logy that uses s0me h0lograms that’s supposed to improve ur balance,strength,flexibility. In short, powerbalance is a very c0ol accessory. It’s bec0me quite p0pular with people at my gym and you might have n0tice s0me sports stars use it. It’s n0t cheap t0o. It ranges fr0m php2000-5000. Be Careful of class A imitati0ns though..fake powerbalance works n0netheless but it’s n0t durable. i got mine for 500 bucks,as expected, the h0lograms disintegrated aftr a few m0nths.hahaha i’m buying an original p0werbalance.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

can't sleep

feels like the creative juices are just overflowing. So many things to do so little time. Paint,sketch,write,read,drama,c0mp0se,sing,sleep,etc. I wish am this smart at law..sigh. I wana sleep!


does he kn0w,does he see, The change kissing u made in me. He’s so gentle nd so kind, he doesn’t want to kn0w what’s 0n my mind. I think of u when i’m with him,these thoughts are hidden deep within. My s0ul is tainted by ur words so pure, my inner chaos only ur kiss can cure. He loves me truly,i saw u only, why did i allow myself to be ths l0nely?he t0uches me yet it’s ur t0uch i crave, how cld u make me ur slave?is this revenge for summer’s kiss,is this my punishment 4 taking away our bliss? “I’m still n0t over you…”-para sa mga kabitera..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

are u insecure?

are u intimidated by beauty and body?are u feeling rejected because of an0ther?if u r that only means u dnt knw urself,uv d0ne absolutely n0thng in ur life,and u dnt hav inner peace. For if u kn0w who’s within u and if u knw u’v c0ntributed to the world. Beauty nd body is n0thing u should feel inferior t0. Love for self comes fr0m within n0t without..who are they to make u feel less when in ur own life, u are the master.

wish i had an ipad

wish i may,wish i might,have an ipad here tonight. The end of this year is drawing near,i’ve been a terribly g0od girl this year. But an ipad i can’t afford, so i’ll pray to the LORD. I hope s0meone lends an ear,and give me an ipad for christmas next year. winkwink:-*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Essay in Legal Philosophy Class

Essay in Legal Philosophy
“Rendition Policy: Policy Science Perspective”
By: Marian Jane Alumbro

            There are many schools of jurisprudence presented to us. We are asked by our teacher to choose which school we find an interest in and relate it to present issues or rather figure if they are still applicable in our present time. At first I wasn’t too sure which school of thought I would choose since there are a lot but since I am a political science graduate, I just figured it would make sense if I choose the Policy Science School. Unlike other theories of jurisprudence, it is considered aimed at the global, regional, and national levels of legal orders. The problems addressed in this case are war and peace, turmoil and security.
            Laws, according to this school, are relevant to the predicament in which the world finds itself at the present. These are meant to settle guidelines, strategy or programs adopted by the legal order.
            Policy science, as a school of jurisprudence, is a discipline concerned with the formation, clarification and advocates the realization of social values. Basically this school of jurisprudence is more on the creation and upholding of human rights. This highlights the fact that in many places the efforts in behalf of human rights and freedom have been staffed. This perspective views the law as an instrument to achieve such aims.
            In my understanding, I think this school of thought is the most significant in the current day and most applicable. At the present, social values and human rights have gone down the drain; Issues of war, torture, violence, violation of human rights and chaos have erupted here and there.
            One particular I can relate it to is the issue of rendition or “torture by proxy” as termed by international law experts. Rendition happens when a country hands over their prisoners or suspected terrorists to countries with lax human rights issue where there they are detained and punished behind the scenes. Extradition for fugitives who are charged with a crime is commonly requested by state or county prosecutors. Formal interstate rendition will involve both state governors. Other procedures can involve waiving documentary formalities before surrender of the fugitive. Under the Uniform Extradition Act adopted in 48 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (but not in Mississippi and South Carolina), there is a distinction between fugitives who were in the demanding state at the time of the crime and those non-fugitives whose prior presence is not so alleged.(Source: Wikipedia) This is an example of states regulating their relations between each other by mutual benefit.
            The Bush administration has openly admitted to this practice but declines that there was a specific instruction for torture and as a matters of fact, instructed that it should not be done. However, with the lack of paper work we can never be too sure as to whether or not torture is being committed and the human rights of these captives are actually being respected in the custody of their “proxy captors”.
            Another human rights issue is the recent case of the Red Shirts protestors in Thailand where Downtown Bangkok became a flaming battleground as an army assault forced anti-government protest leaders to surrender, enraging followers who shot grenades and set fire to landmark buildings, cloaking the skyline in black smoke. The army used live ammunition to disperse them, drawing fire from militant Red Shirts. Officials confirmed five protesters and an Italian news photographer were confirmed killed and about 60 wounded. (Source: My only opinion of this is that the army used extreme force against the unarmed civilians. They should have used a more less-forceful way to disperse the crowd. I wonder, where is the “Maximum Tolerance” the army should have used?
            The International Community should unify in promulgating proper laws and sanctioning these countries who think they can get away with doing things under the table or behind the law. Public International Law should be focused more on this issue rather than focusing too much on the economic perspective. I mean yeah, economy and generating GDP is a country’s foremost goal to be able to provide for its citizens but it should also not come at a price of degrading the value of human life. I think they should be more conscious of policy science as a school of thought, that way they would be more conscious of upholding social values and human rights.
            I hope one day, we can solve these problems one-by-one and we are able to live in a world where we respect the rights of other people, where society is ruled not by men but by law. A world where countries are at peace and war is just a distant memory of the past. I wish I would live long enough for that day and hopefully I will die a lawyer who has contributed to the shaping of that kind of world by upholding the law and fulfilling my obligations to my profession, to the court, to my client and to society.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what's wr0ng with us?!

what’s wr0ng with us y do we kp fyting,u say it’s love bt it just kps on hurting. What’s wr0ng wt u why do u kp thnkng,that im nt true tho i’m tryin..i’m so trying. Wt every pr0mise u break,evry rule i make,every single day,i’m trying to be the best girl bt i end up pushing u away. How Could i still ask u to stay?

Monday, October 11, 2010

i miss you

i miss you because u take my breath away. I miss you because of how we just giggle when we’re t0gethr. How u kiss me nd u just electrify my everybeing. Shatter me to pieces yet i like it. How i miss u yet i kn0w s0mwr s0mhw u are beside me,we’re heading the same path tho apart. I miss u,yes i do..c u s0on

birthday p0em

i knw it must b s0mthng u hate,coz ths myt c0me a little bit late. I tried to call but it myt s0und cheezy,i tried to txt bt it s0unds so easy. So i’m sendng ths instrument written,sgnd nd dated by me. Greeting a happy bday to thee!truly urs,..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am a woman...

I am a woman,

I'm not a trophy on display.

I will not shine just for you and please everyone you know. 

I will not just acquire dust as the time passes by where you ignore me 

after you finished putting me on a pedestal.

 I will not acquire rust and stain as the weather takes its toll. 

I am a woman. For unlike a trophy that you won once, you keep forever.

 Ignore me and you will surely lose me again..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My theory about the SALUBONG blast 2010...

I really will not believe the SALUBONG blast was because of a frat war..think about it.. where did this frat war idea originate? It was because members of some fraternity picked up a poor law student, formerly DAW a member of a rival frat, and said it was him. Tapos we concluded frat war nga when in the first place, the cause of that theory was wrong. That poor guy was innocent and so frat war it was not!

Why are they not looking at the people living in the surrounding area. There were lots of places there where they were standing above the ground, easy for a person to gain some leverage to throw the pineapple grenade at the crowd. I was there and they were just right above me from where I was standing, at that time I thought it was really easy for any one of them to throw something at the crowd if they really wanted to. A good arm was all it needed.The investigators must be able to locate proper angling as to where the bomb could have been thrown at what distance where the bomber knew he wouldn't be included from the blast. Above the blast site was also the LRT station, anyone could have just dropped the bomb from there. He would have been safe from the blast from there! Anybody checking the LRT station for fingerprints or whatever after that? Motive? I really believe it had something to do with the beer throwing. It wouldn't take much to piss some people off. I mean, they have nothing to lose and a WW2 pineappple grenade is rare but not hard to find, we hear in the news that dormant bomb shells and WW2 paraphernalia being found by a bunch of kids in some places,  i wouldn't be surprised if a scavenger found one while going through a pile of garbage in a landfill somewhere. He/ she probably just kept it and got pissed off coz of the indiscriminate beer throwing or probably the noise and excitement and just threw the darn thing at the place where he finds it most noisy: In the middle of the crowd.

Think about it as well. If this was really premeditated, won't they make a bigger bomb instead? If it was really a frat war, they would make something more destructive to kill and annihilate more members of the rival fraternity. Law fraternities have been in existent as old as the law schools themselves and the Salubong has been a tradition so why would any body try to set up a bomb for that knowing one of their own could be part of that crowd. Unless, you are someone who just wants pure chaos, the magnitude of the blast is too small compared to what something planned out from the beginning could have made.

The type of weapon is also unconventional it wasn't modern as usual bomb makers would make. You can even learn how to make one in youtube! But no, the weapon used was something that was still used in WW2, it could have been kept for a long time before it was used. Even if someone bought it somewhere still the damage it does, does not fulfill the purpose of killing a rival frat. Also, Why use it now? It was the end of the bar examinations. A lot of people were there and they don't know who was among the crowd. Again there could have been someone who is one of their own so why did any of them stick around to "apprehend people" or "be caught" in the first place? If they did plan it out, we wouldn't see them anywhere near there! They would be telling everyone of their group to stay clear or else they might be included in the blast. I think the Salubong Blast was just too random and too unplanned to be a frat war. Well those are just my thoughts for picking.. been watching too much CSI, NCIS and house.. lolz 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

pillbox ruins last day 2010 bar exams

#fb guys, a pillbox thrown at a crowd of cheering lawstudents was c0nfirmd to hav injured a few and possibly killed one. I was just there at ar0und 4:00 pm at d site and a bad feeling came over me to go bak to the h0tel. Despite d crowd,i folowd my instincts. At 4:15pm,d incident hapend near d same place i was standing at. I’m worid 4 my s.u and plm friends hum i left thr. I pray they are all alright.

eratum: (10/05/10) when i made this blog i was confused with the time! it happened at around 5:15 P.M. daw I left at around 5 basta just minutes before the exam and what was used was not a pillbox but a WW2 Pineapple grenade.. please check my latest post...

Again, i thank God I was safe and all of my friends are also safe..and one was killed. Though, I feel sorry for those who lost their limbs and got injured during the blast. We, the Association of Law Students of the Philippines (ALSP), will come up of something to help you, with God's help we will. Go fight for justice!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 month old baby boy needs your help...PLEASE DONATE OR ELSE HE WILL DIE (Not a SCAM)

This is addressing anyone who is reading this blog with money or with a kind heart. This is not a SCAM, I am not trying to get views, i have no advertisements in my blog nor am I selling anything. This is for my nephew, look at my profile on facebook and my blog, I am a possible future lawyer, an honest Filipino citizen and I am begging for your help and only your help.

My nephew, Zachery Mc Nathan Alvarado (Nate) was born on May 27, 2010 with a congenital heart disease called tetralogy of fallot. He is otherwise known as a "blue baby" because usually babies with this condition has bluish skin or has a "Tet Spell". Actually, it is a miracle he surviving. Nate's heart is not pumping ANY BLOOD TO HIS LUNGS AT ALL and the reason he is alive now is because THERE ARE SMALL VEINS CONNECTING FROM HIS HEART DIRECTLY TO HIS LUNGS GIVING HIM OXYGENATED BLOOD. Veins that are not supposed to be there.

It's the miracle of life!

Now, He needs at least 1 Million Philippine Pesos or USD 23,000 to have his surgery ASAP or else my nephew might not survive his first year. (That's only for his surgery on his heart aloney) Worst is, he also has a dilated kidney. (Which needs another big amount for the surgery)

Before he turned 3 months, he has been in and out of the hospital because of his condition, he has been having repeated Urinary Track Infection. My nephew was born and IS big and healthy, he has a big chance of surviving the surgery for his heart and kidney but the problem is my sister and her husband do not have enough financial resources for his operation. 

They had a considerable amount set aside but due to the bills this is fast depleting. We need a kind soul to please help us. Please Donate or give us a loan. We promise we will pay it back. Slowly but surely though we know we can't guarantee anything. Of course, how can you just trust a complete stranger but I assure you, my sister and his husband both have jobs they can pay it back. I will also donate in paying back when I graduate law and become a lawyer and get a job. I did this blog just so that the baby can have a better chance to live hoping and praying that someone out there will answer our call. They have already started getting rid of their properties just to save his life. Anyone out there please donate for this baby and make your own life worth living. ANY AMOUNT WILL DO. It's good karma and you know you helped. Even if you don't believe in God, someone out there greater than you will reward you in this life, in kind or in blessings.

UPDATE: Right now, Nate (my nephew) is in Manila with my sister and her husband. He underwent a major surgery to immediately address his dilated kidney which has already started to get infected due to the fact that his urethra and bladder are not connected. So the doctors put a tube in his side so as he can urinate without a risk of infection. :( It's so sad it made all of us cry. He's too young for all of these things! In fairness, The doctor said that Nate is rare because most babies who have his condition are irritable but Nate is smiley and with a happy disposition. Proof that Nate wants to live and we love him sooooo much.:( Please Help US ANYONE. This baby is smart, I can feel it. He can make a difference in society when he grows up.

Again this is not a SCAM. Why would I use a baby to gain money? For any kind soul willing please donate at through paypal. That's also the same account I used to be paid for being a ghost writer before and I'm using it now for Nate's sake. I accept Paypal and Bank payment through my Banco De Oro account or most major Philippine Banks just contact me comment below for the account number or email me at the same email.

Thank you for at least reading. If you know anyone who can help please refer us. God Bless you!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

don't wanna (Original Composition)

This is the song I composed about more than 5 years ago. I don't know how to play this on guitar but the tune and lyrics are mine.. Hahaha enjoying nostalgia.

Shout outs to all the people who viewed my blog from these countries!

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Salamat sa mga pinoy sa supporta.
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Canada, eh? ;)
Singapore, I want a Marlboro ice blast please but over expensive there right?
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Hungary, you make me hungry :D
France, Je taime!
Isreal, promise me you'll visit again!

Leave a shout out please if you like my blog and is anyone interested to hire me as a ghost writer? Need job now. Hahahaha!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to waste your time

It's just one of those lazy days and I had a long day. However, I realized I did so many things today that didn't make me tired until now because I was enjoying what I was doing and I did something that was actually necessary. hahaha To start off my day, I went to work. After that, I had a surprise lunch with my friend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Then, I went to her boarding house to chill and talk. I had my IDs laminated, bought an ID sling and we almost had a traumatic experience but that didn't stop me from going to the hospital to visit my baby nephew. After playing with the little twerp, I went to school to distribute the Bar Operations t-shirts and Jackets to those who ordered. Had dinner with a lawyer friend, got home late in the evening and still had chance to do my nails. In between all of that, I still had time to tweet and talk to my boyfriend over the cellphone. I realized how with in 14 hours of my day I was able to do so many things. Before, I used to think 24 hours a day was such a short time to do anything especially when you are studying law. But I guess it became short because I always wasted my time doing unnecessary things. Well I guess you could say, "Unnecessary things" are my way of "de-stressifying" from a life full of responsibilities. Now, I feel like slowing it down before I go to sleep and I just wanted to blog about ways to waste someone's time.

Follow 10 easy steps to be unproductive.
1) Facebook, blog, twitter and/or join all the social media you could find. Face it, facebookers you know you spend 15 mins doing something important yet end up 2 hours in front of facebook and twitter.
2) Online games. (need I say more?)
3) Watch TV series.
4) Read manga, comics or vampire love story novels.
5) Chat over ym with friends.
6) Downloading and Playing with your iphone apps.
7) Playing portable gaming. (e.i. PSP, etc.)
8) Tell knock knock jokes.
9) Talk about other people.
10) Read this blog.

*laughs out loud* and that's how I wasted 20 mins of my life :D