Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to be invisible in facebook chat and be visible only to a number of people?

Ok.. If you found my blog, you were probably thinking that it was not possible at first but it is.. It's possible to be invisible to only a specific number of people, poeple who are strangers who you just add up on fb without wanted to communicate with or if you just want to be online to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be done..just follow the simple steps..

1) Go to "account"
2) Go to "Edit friends"
3) Make a group for your:
4) Select the specific people you want to enter or put in that group. You do that by going to "edit list" beside their names in your friends list and checking what group you want them to join.
5) check your chat box.
6) You discover that your groups are in the chat box...
7) How to be online with only a specific group: the green light means your online to them, the grey option means you're offline to them, just drag your mouse to move the "switch". For example, if you have your group, "friends" online, only your friends who are in that group can see you online.. all the rest of the groups that you have your switch off won't be able to see you online.

Neat trick: You can select which groups you want to be on your fb chat just to this..
check the group you want to show up on your chat.. the people who belongs in the group you don't select will not see you online at all and those friends you did not select to be in any group will automatically be put in the "other friends" group in your chat box.(default group) so if you only just have that group switched offline, all the rest of your fb friends who are not in a group will not see you online.

Note: You can't see them if they are online though as well as they can't see you if you're online if you have that group on offline mode.

Simple right? try it..

Any questions just comment below..

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