Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This guy called Bisaya as "Morons" after the Feb 6, 2012 6.9 Earthquake!

He called Bisayas morons... 

First of all: His information is not accurate! Epicenter was not in CEBU! Not on land even. Durrr that was the first thing that came out of the news.

Second: There is a newly discovered fault line between negros and cebu which caused the earthquakes.

Third: How dare he call people who panicked as morons! I already said my peace with this, but i'll say it again, the power went out, no one had access to internet, radio or TV, people were out doing their work and school and then a very strong earthquake (for some this is their first time to experience it) suddenly occurs. Of course, people were going to panic! They had no access to information, people were already running so first thing in your mind was to save yourself and your family! The Tsunami warning was real because there was an official statement of a level 2 Tsunami alert and though Cebu probably would not have been affected, as Cebu downtown is at the opposite side of the epicenter, people still thought they were running for their lives and you cannot be blamed for that. It was no laughing matter that over 1000 people/families camped out at Ayala Heights that night and people were praying because we never know what will happen next and establishments closed the next day for fear of the aftershocks! 1100 PLUS and COUNTING aftershocks!

Tag away if you think this guy should apologize!

Bestfriends guro ni sila ni ahcee flores! bow!