Friday, November 26, 2010

SUCs budget cut-My reaction

My message to President Benigno S. Aquino III: Cutting the budget for the SUCs for the purpose of "Augment" that money to basic education is the most illogical argument I have ever heard. Why don't you make more elementary schools and increase the wages of your government employed teachers to prevent them from going abroad instead of cutting off the budget for state colleges and universities? It's like cutting an ARM so that the FEET could grow!?

Gift Ideas for this Christmas..

Well it's that time of the year. Setting aside all the problems in school and life, I always look forward for a change in atmosphere and people's mood. Somehow the wind is colder yet the affection and smiles of people get warmer.:) My blog now is about Christmas Gift ideas for those people involved in your life. On that note, I would like to also include what "NOT" to give them this Christmas just for twist.

1) Livescribe- lol! kinda demanding. I want one seriously I want one
2) Ipad-Well for those that can afford.
3) A good watch- Casio is a good brand. They can use it for the next years of their lives.
4) Clothes- No one can ever get enough of new clothes.
5) Wine- Well personally, the wine I get for christmas would be the same wine I give away as gifts in the months to come. hahahaha (Hoping they don't get to realize it)
6) Food-Philippines has people that can never get enough of food. Christmas is especially the time in every Pinoy's home where people gain weight. Lol Oh are you denying it?
7) Money- I don't care about that bar of imported soap and perfume, just give me a hundred dollars and I'm good :D
8) Anything you made- Well it doesn't really matter if it's a piece of art or a very good creation or not. Anyone who is that special that you would give them something of your effort would definitely appreciate any gift you made.
Don't Give
1) Picture frame-Useless, no one wants another picture frame.
2) Candles- Overrated. It won't be used anyway.
3)Pencils- Won't get used.
4) Books- Won't get read unless it's a really good book with pictures. Depends on who you're giving it too.
5) Jewelry- Too expensive right? Hehehe just give them silver or anything fancy. Some girls love them some don't.

So far, that's all I can think of. I have to talk to some of my friends for their ideas. You can comment below if you thought of any.. Hahaha Cheers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pagbabago Contest by Nuffnang and Goldilocks

Finally, I got the chance to blog about this experience. I've been very busy with school so it's just only now I was able to. First of all, It's the first time for me to win something this major and I really thank everyone from Nuffnang and Goldilocks for this opportunity. Honestly, I thought I wouldn't win at all or rather I thought the contest would be canceled because they postponed the submission time and it took a while for the awarding night to be announced, I submitted Aug. 27 then the deadline was early September I think then they postponed it to September 30, 2010. , I was new at blogging and I don't know anyone personally who was a member of Nuffnang so I was kinda getting worried. They announced the winners only on October 23, 2010. A lot of people were already anxious, I included and I kept visiting the website every other day for updates. When they finally posted the winners on the Nuffnang website, I was so psyched I called my boyfriend and texted my best friend in the world, my sister, immediately. I was just too excited I forgot about the prize, my sis asked and I wasn't sure what I won. (I had my eyes fixed on the IPAD  though but the winner, KCAT, truly deserved it. Her story is amazing and she's probably one of the bravest people I know on this Earth.) So kinda went back to the website again and search their mechanics as to what the category winners are, an IPOD touch! I immediately prayed to God for thanks and gave thanks for giving me my parents. I've always wanted an IPOD touch and I wouldn't have won this if it weren't for them. Their story inspired me and writing made me express my feelings about the situation.

Unfortunately, being the only winner outside Luzon, I couldn't attend the awarding event held at Goldilocks, Shaw Blvd. branch but I'm thankful for Trixie Esguerra from the Nuffnang Team for keeping me updated and for Ann who mailed the Ipod touch to me and for those unnamed people whom I don't know yet because I didn't get a chance to communicate with them but they helped nonetheless for me to be able to get my prize, thank you! I really hope I can meet them soon and personally thank them. I know I kept on following up sorry..hehehe I was supposed to be in Manila Oct. 26-28, 2010 but my oathtaking with the Supreme Court got canceled. I was supposed to take oath as the National Auditor for the Association of Law Students of the Philippines, but it got postponed due to the unavailability of the Chief Justice so necessarily, had to cancel my flight also. :<

In the end, I hoped anyone who has read my blog has learned a valuable lesson. You can search anywhere in this world but true love or unconditional love can truly be found in your family. Give eachother a chance because at the end of the day, all you have is each other. Tayotayo din lang ang magtutulungan sa isa'tisa dahil pamilya tayo. Again, thank you AGAIN and AGAIN Goldilocks and Nuffnang!! To all the winners, CONGRATULATIONS. More contests to come please..:D

Arrived, Nov. 11, 2010

Who from?^^

nakabubble wrap!! hehehe step by step unwrapping
I <3 Nuffnang
My new iPod Touch :)

and best over-all blog winner: Congrats sa IPAD geng! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tibetian Test

I took this online test and this is my result :)

Tibetian Test

1-st question. Priorities in your life:

1: PRIDE-true
2: MONEY-yes
3: FAMILY-of course
4: LOVE-hahaha
5: CAREER-ngeee this comes above love

2-nd question:

loyal implies your own personality. -thanks
mysterious implies personality of your partner. -not so
traitor implies the personality of your enemies - true
sweet- It is how you interpret sex. - hahaha
blue implies your own life.-hmmm

3-rd question:

hydee - Someone you will never forget. - i wonder what is the difference with this and someone you will remember for the rest of your life?
dahlia - Someone you consider your true friend. -true
laurence - Someone that you really love.-shucks
coy - Your twin soul. -hehehe.. yep he is :)
gloria - Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life. -yep

You have to send this test to as many persons as your favorite number (7) and your wish will come true on the day that you recorded (saturday).

This is what the Dalai Lama has said about the Millennium - just take a few seconds to look it up, read it and think.

Do not put away this message, the mantra will come out from your hands in the next 96 hours. You will have a very pleasant surprise.

This is true, even if you are not superstitious. Please do this. It is fascinating.


Link to this test is and all you need to do is send it to your friends. Send it by email or post it to forum or your blog- it doesn't matter, it will work anyway.

Also share it in Facebook, Twitter, etc:

0-4 persons: Your life will improve slightly
5-9 persons: Your life will improve to your liking
9-14 persons: You will have at least 5 surprises in the next three weeks
15 or more persons: Your life will improve drastically and all that you wish will come true.

-i'll send it to everyone who views my blog!

Good luck! :) Also, try our subliminal software. Subliminal messages reprogram your mind, making you more successful, rich, attractive to the opposite sex, healthy, etc.