Friday, November 26, 2010

Gift Ideas for this Christmas..

Well it's that time of the year. Setting aside all the problems in school and life, I always look forward for a change in atmosphere and people's mood. Somehow the wind is colder yet the affection and smiles of people get warmer.:) My blog now is about Christmas Gift ideas for those people involved in your life. On that note, I would like to also include what "NOT" to give them this Christmas just for twist.

1) Livescribe- lol! kinda demanding. I want one seriously I want one
2) Ipad-Well for those that can afford.
3) A good watch- Casio is a good brand. They can use it for the next years of their lives.
4) Clothes- No one can ever get enough of new clothes.
5) Wine- Well personally, the wine I get for christmas would be the same wine I give away as gifts in the months to come. hahahaha (Hoping they don't get to realize it)
6) Food-Philippines has people that can never get enough of food. Christmas is especially the time in every Pinoy's home where people gain weight. Lol Oh are you denying it?
7) Money- I don't care about that bar of imported soap and perfume, just give me a hundred dollars and I'm good :D
8) Anything you made- Well it doesn't really matter if it's a piece of art or a very good creation or not. Anyone who is that special that you would give them something of your effort would definitely appreciate any gift you made.
Don't Give
1) Picture frame-Useless, no one wants another picture frame.
2) Candles- Overrated. It won't be used anyway.
3)Pencils- Won't get used.
4) Books- Won't get read unless it's a really good book with pictures. Depends on who you're giving it too.
5) Jewelry- Too expensive right? Hehehe just give them silver or anything fancy. Some girls love them some don't.

So far, that's all I can think of. I have to talk to some of my friends for their ideas. You can comment below if you thought of any.. Hahaha Cheers!

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