Sunday, February 10, 2013


admit it, at one point or another, you weren't this bitter and angry. At one point, someone could have said to you, "you're the one". Being in a relationship was actually something exciting for you and it made you happy to be committed but you got hurt then you learned that loving someone is not all it's cut out to be. Now, you just cringe with the idea of saying "I do", dating is treated as a game, and breaking someone else's heart is not a crime and Valentine's day is independence day. Yes, once upon a time, you believed in love, but someone ruined it for the rest of them. admit it..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warm Bodies (2013) Movie-Should Ray William Johnson get credit?

So I just watched WARM BODIES. The story is great, it made me really giggle and I think the story-line was just awesome. (Though my friend said it was torrent-worthy haha) Anyway, Hollywood is successful in making just about anything that's scary into hot. From vampires, werewolves, elves, etc. and now ZOMBIES.. As the movie finished, I realized the story line was a little bit familiar and a little bit too nostalgic. So I checked again and I think I'm right.. The story of the movie actually has some similarities with Your Favorite Martian's music video story of "Zombie Love Song". The creative mind behind Your Favorite Martian, a fictional cartoon band, is none other than, Ray William Johnson, internet superstar.

Zombie Love Song was uploaded and released on, Feb 9, 2011 and you can watch the video here.

Here are some things that I found just too similar between the two.

The Zombie in Warm Bodies was named R= Ray William Johnson
Blue pants, Red Shirt, White t-shirt inderneath=Same as the lead singer/character of YFM (in the book, R wears Black slacks, grey shirt, red tie)
And the poster of WARM BODIES is similar to the scene in the music video where the lead singer, as a zombie, gives flowers to the girl
Then that scene with the "hooded zombie" walking to the girl's house.(both have that scene)
The humor in the movie is similar to RWJ as well. (I think.. with the first person narration and the sarcasm..I just think so)
R loved music in vinyl=it is the same as the type the DJ in YFM uses

If you watch the movie and then watch the music video, the similarities cannot go unnoticed. I may even have missed some here.

Of course, the major difference is that the zombie became human again in the movie but in YFM's music video, the girl turned into a Zombie to be with the one she loves. I think that may have been the original plan if only Twilight didn't already get that kind of ending (girl becomes vampire).. hahaha

Anyway, I think there are just too many coincidences as to similarities of YFM's song and the movie, WARM BODIES.

I don't know.... I think RWJ should be given credit or something. I'm sure some of RWJ's fans figured that out as well.

The movie still really was entertaining for me but I think someone has to explain something to RWJ.

Those are just my thoughts. You judge for your own..

UPDATE: So I made a little investigation. The book which the movie was based from was published more or less the same year as YFM.. so who's the original concept creator?