Saturday, August 2, 2014

the part after moving on...

As you some of u guys well know, i have been changing my numbers regularly since 2005. The reason is that there was this girl who kept harrassing me coz she was a jealous gf of a formeer flame (drama.. i know) i think they lasted for years and that's how long the harrassment lasted (their relationship ended which i heard eventually led to her attempting suicide which is totally not because of me.. fyi)..  i got curious and poked around facebook as to whatever happened to her. I'm pleased to know she is actually getting married to wonderful guy (i hope) and she's preggers. I genuinely am happy for her and though i never got am apology for the undeserved harrassment and stalking, i think one does stupid things when you are blindly inlove. Speaking of which, i wonder where leandro is now.. i've actually put up a status on ym since a few days ago which i am hoping he will see so we can catch up. Last i heard from him is a few years ago and he is married and with a daughter.