Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My theory about the SALUBONG blast 2010...

I really will not believe the SALUBONG blast was because of a frat war..think about it.. where did this frat war idea originate? It was because members of some fraternity picked up a poor law student, formerly DAW a member of a rival frat, and said it was him. Tapos we concluded frat war nga when in the first place, the cause of that theory was wrong. That poor guy was innocent and so frat war it was not!

Why are they not looking at the people living in the surrounding area. There were lots of places there where they were standing above the ground, easy for a person to gain some leverage to throw the pineapple grenade at the crowd. I was there and they were just right above me from where I was standing, at that time I thought it was really easy for any one of them to throw something at the crowd if they really wanted to. A good arm was all it needed.The investigators must be able to locate proper angling as to where the bomb could have been thrown at what distance where the bomber knew he wouldn't be included from the blast. Above the blast site was also the LRT station, anyone could have just dropped the bomb from there. He would have been safe from the blast from there! Anybody checking the LRT station for fingerprints or whatever after that? Motive? I really believe it had something to do with the beer throwing. It wouldn't take much to piss some people off. I mean, they have nothing to lose and a WW2 pineappple grenade is rare but not hard to find, we hear in the news that dormant bomb shells and WW2 paraphernalia being found by a bunch of kids in some places,  i wouldn't be surprised if a scavenger found one while going through a pile of garbage in a landfill somewhere. He/ she probably just kept it and got pissed off coz of the indiscriminate beer throwing or probably the noise and excitement and just threw the darn thing at the place where he finds it most noisy: In the middle of the crowd.

Think about it as well. If this was really premeditated, won't they make a bigger bomb instead? If it was really a frat war, they would make something more destructive to kill and annihilate more members of the rival fraternity. Law fraternities have been in existent as old as the law schools themselves and the Salubong has been a tradition so why would any body try to set up a bomb for that knowing one of their own could be part of that crowd. Unless, you are someone who just wants pure chaos, the magnitude of the blast is too small compared to what something planned out from the beginning could have made.

The type of weapon is also unconventional it wasn't modern as usual bomb makers would make. You can even learn how to make one in youtube! But no, the weapon used was something that was still used in WW2, it could have been kept for a long time before it was used. Even if someone bought it somewhere still the damage it does, does not fulfill the purpose of killing a rival frat. Also, Why use it now? It was the end of the bar examinations. A lot of people were there and they don't know who was among the crowd. Again there could have been someone who is one of their own so why did any of them stick around to "apprehend people" or "be caught" in the first place? If they did plan it out, we wouldn't see them anywhere near there! They would be telling everyone of their group to stay clear or else they might be included in the blast. I think the Salubong Blast was just too random and too unplanned to be a frat war. Well those are just my thoughts for picking.. been watching too much CSI, NCIS and house.. lolz 

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