Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 month old baby boy needs your help...PLEASE DONATE OR ELSE HE WILL DIE (Not a SCAM)

This is addressing anyone who is reading this blog with money or with a kind heart. This is not a SCAM, I am not trying to get views, i have no advertisements in my blog nor am I selling anything. This is for my nephew, look at my profile on facebook and my blog, I am a possible future lawyer, an honest Filipino citizen and I am begging for your help and only your help.

My nephew, Zachery Mc Nathan Alvarado (Nate) was born on May 27, 2010 with a congenital heart disease called tetralogy of fallot. He is otherwise known as a "blue baby" because usually babies with this condition has bluish skin or has a "Tet Spell". Actually, it is a miracle he surviving. Nate's heart is not pumping ANY BLOOD TO HIS LUNGS AT ALL and the reason he is alive now is because THERE ARE SMALL VEINS CONNECTING FROM HIS HEART DIRECTLY TO HIS LUNGS GIVING HIM OXYGENATED BLOOD. Veins that are not supposed to be there.

It's the miracle of life!

Now, He needs at least 1 Million Philippine Pesos or USD 23,000 to have his surgery ASAP or else my nephew might not survive his first year. (That's only for his surgery on his heart aloney) Worst is, he also has a dilated kidney. (Which needs another big amount for the surgery)

Before he turned 3 months, he has been in and out of the hospital because of his condition, he has been having repeated Urinary Track Infection. My nephew was born and IS big and healthy, he has a big chance of surviving the surgery for his heart and kidney but the problem is my sister and her husband do not have enough financial resources for his operation. 

They had a considerable amount set aside but due to the bills this is fast depleting. We need a kind soul to please help us. Please Donate or give us a loan. We promise we will pay it back. Slowly but surely though we know we can't guarantee anything. Of course, how can you just trust a complete stranger but I assure you, my sister and his husband both have jobs they can pay it back. I will also donate in paying back when I graduate law and become a lawyer and get a job. I did this blog just so that the baby can have a better chance to live hoping and praying that someone out there will answer our call. They have already started getting rid of their properties just to save his life. Anyone out there please donate for this baby and make your own life worth living. ANY AMOUNT WILL DO. It's good karma and you know you helped. Even if you don't believe in God, someone out there greater than you will reward you in this life, in kind or in blessings.

UPDATE: Right now, Nate (my nephew) is in Manila with my sister and her husband. He underwent a major surgery to immediately address his dilated kidney which has already started to get infected due to the fact that his urethra and bladder are not connected. So the doctors put a tube in his side so as he can urinate without a risk of infection. :( It's so sad it made all of us cry. He's too young for all of these things! In fairness, The doctor said that Nate is rare because most babies who have his condition are irritable but Nate is smiley and with a happy disposition. Proof that Nate wants to live and we love him sooooo much.:( Please Help US ANYONE. This baby is smart, I can feel it. He can make a difference in society when he grows up.

Again this is not a SCAM. Why would I use a baby to gain money? For any kind soul willing please donate at through paypal. That's also the same account I used to be paid for being a ghost writer before and I'm using it now for Nate's sake. I accept Paypal and Bank payment through my Banco De Oro account or most major Philippine Banks just contact me comment below for the account number or email me at the same email.

Thank you for at least reading. If you know anyone who can help please refer us. God Bless you!

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