Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to waste your time

It's just one of those lazy days and I had a long day. However, I realized I did so many things today that didn't make me tired until now because I was enjoying what I was doing and I did something that was actually necessary. hahaha To start off my day, I went to work. After that, I had a surprise lunch with my friend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Then, I went to her boarding house to chill and talk. I had my IDs laminated, bought an ID sling and we almost had a traumatic experience but that didn't stop me from going to the hospital to visit my baby nephew. After playing with the little twerp, I went to school to distribute the Bar Operations t-shirts and Jackets to those who ordered. Had dinner with a lawyer friend, got home late in the evening and still had chance to do my nails. In between all of that, I still had time to tweet and talk to my boyfriend over the cellphone. I realized how with in 14 hours of my day I was able to do so many things. Before, I used to think 24 hours a day was such a short time to do anything especially when you are studying law. But I guess it became short because I always wasted my time doing unnecessary things. Well I guess you could say, "Unnecessary things" are my way of "de-stressifying" from a life full of responsibilities. Now, I feel like slowing it down before I go to sleep and I just wanted to blog about ways to waste someone's time.

Follow 10 easy steps to be unproductive.
1) Facebook, blog, twitter and/or join all the social media you could find. Face it, facebookers you know you spend 15 mins doing something important yet end up 2 hours in front of facebook and twitter.
2) Online games. (need I say more?)
3) Watch TV series.
4) Read manga, comics or vampire love story novels.
5) Chat over ym with friends.
6) Downloading and Playing with your iphone apps.
7) Playing portable gaming. (e.i. PSP, etc.)
8) Tell knock knock jokes.
9) Talk about other people.
10) Read this blog.

*laughs out loud* and that's how I wasted 20 mins of my life :D

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