Friday, September 3, 2010

How to update your blog, tweet on twitter and update your facebook by just TEXTING for FREE, no need for WIFI or using a smartphone!

Hi guys, I recently discovered a cool trick in the book from my geek friends. If you're living in the Philippines, a cool service can now let you update your blog, tweet on twitter and update your facebook at the same time. Before I teach you this is what you need to know.

1) It's secure. You just text a gateway number which is a regular number like (globe, TM, smart, sun) Note: Standard text rates and unlimited text applies. So if you're globe and smart, unless you are subscribed to unli texts, you pay P1.00 per text and SO if you're a SUN user, it's unlimited.
2) No it's not a third party because they don't ask for your password in your accounts.
3) You need to have a facebook and twitter account. (or if you have a blog that's cool too)
4) No sign up necessary. Just follow the simple steps.
5) You can choose which to update via Text Messaging: Whether you just want to blog without updating on twitter, or you just want to tweet without blogging or updating on facebook, or just updating your tweet and facebook status.

Question 1: How to tweet using SMS?

Step 1: Log in to your facebook and twitter accounts. Don't log out.
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Click the "sign in using twitter" button. No, you won't need to sign in your user name and password. Just the button. Remember I made you log in to your twitter and fb account already right?
Step 4: Follow the steps there to register your number. (They provide you a pin to register your phone and your twitter name. There's no hidden charges and they won't ask for your password)The gateway numbers depend on the service provider that you have.
Step 5: You're done. Save the gateway number on your phone. It's just a regular number.

If you want to tweet just message the gateway number like a regular text. Then it will automatically update on your twitter. You can't read any of the messages of the people you are following though, you need to go to the usual method to do so (like, log in using a computer) that but they can read yours. :)

Note: There is no limit to the characters that you can post. The beauty is that it depends on the capacity of your SMS provider and cellphone.

Question 2: So, how do I update my facebook status AND twitter at the same time if I choose? (Just keeps getting better)

Step 1: Go back to your facebook.
Step 2. In your search bar. Type the word, "Selective tweets" to look for the application you will use.
Step 3: When you are in the app page, blow the application profile pic, Click "go to application".
Step 4: Type in your twitter name on the text box provided. Then click "SAVE" Note: Again they will not ask for your password just your twitter name.
Step 5: You're done!
Bonus: Go to application settings. Check the box that says "Allow the #fb tag anywhere in the tweet?"

When you want to update your fb status at the same time, just message the @tweetitow gateway number your twitter update (space) #fb e.i. "Hello! Wassup twitter and facebook?#fb". The beauty of it is, you can CHOOSE which update on twitter you can post on your facebook status. Hence the application is "Selective" tweets. So if you don't put a "#fb" at the end of your sms tweet, it won't update on your facebook, just your twitter. It works the same as well if you type it using the regular method in the twitter website. (By the way, the "#fb" does not show up on your facebook status, just your twitter.

Question 3: So, how do I update my BLOG, FB and TWITTER at the same time, IF I CHOOSE?

Step 1: Go to (Make sure you are logged in to your blog already. Same as previous steps.)
Step 2: Click the "Sign in using facebook" button. Again, they will not ask for your facebook log in and password. It's automatic that they will link the two accounts.
Step 3: Make a posterous account. It is necessary so you can change the settings of which account on facebook, twitter or your blog you want to update.
Step 4: Once you're done with that. Look at the left portion of your homepage on posterous. There is "Settings" then below that is "Autopost". Click that.
Step 5: Once they lead you to the Autopst settings, Click "Make changes".
Step 6: Then click "Add Service". Check out there the list of services they support. Facebook, twitter and blogger is one of them so check out if they support your blog as well.
Step 7: Choose which is your service you want to update at the same time among the list. Note: if you add facebook, then it will update your FB and Twitter account at the same time automatically and you can't selective tweet so just don't add your FB if you don't want to, just your twitter and blog.
They won't ask for your blog log in. It will just automatically connect to your blog, facebook and twitter like the previous steps.
Step 8: You're done! You can do this optionally by typing: P (space) Title of blog (space) ^ (space) blog entry and then send it to the @tweetitlow gateway number. Again, standard SMS rates apply so if you're Globe or Smart, you pay P1.00 every text or unlimited if you are subscribed to unlimited texts and if SUN, Unlimited of course! No character limit and so it depends on your phone capacity! Note: The P is necessary in the beginning of the message to command that you updating your blog via posterous. If you won't put that before your SMS, it will just update on Twitter. The ^ is necessary command for them to know it is your blog title. If you forgot it then they will just update your blog without any title.
Text message: P Testing^hey! Yo!
send it to the @tweetitlow gateway number.

Step 9: If you want to update it on your facebook status, just add #fb before or at the end of the sms blog entry.(That would depend if you changed the settings of the application as stated in the Bonus step in Question 2)

If you don't have a facebook but you just want to update your blog using sms, you can just add your blog and it will work the same way. But twitter is necessary for you to register in the first place and text the @tweeitow gateway number. BUT, if you don't want your twitter account to be updated when you update your blog, just don't add your twitter account in the services but you can still update your blog using the same process. (SEE? How cool is that?)

So there you have it! It's a long process though but it's worth it since you can now tweet, blog and update your facebook status BY TEXT MESSAGING  if you choose and you're the boss which to update and your accounts are 100% safe.:)

If you have any other questions feel free to like my blog and post comments. I'll try to answer the questions which are not already addressed in my blog.

There are a lot of things you can do with posterous though but I just blogged about what I find most convenient. So just explore for yourself!

Important: Sometimes the system is lag and it will take time to update your blog, twitter and facebook. That depends on the SMS service provider and the server of the websites since at times a lot of people just texts or tweets but it does update. Be patient. Happy tweeting!

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