Friday, September 3, 2010

One night stand or friends with benefits?? Which would you choose?

This was the topic of "Bobby and the Gang" a couple of Thursdays ago. The house was divided as to which is better and ultimately it was a stalemate. No one wants complications so abstinence would be the key to avoid it.

One Night Stand

1) Interesting, it's something new.
2) You can pretend to be as interesting as you want them to think.
3) No obligations, no bullshits.
4) No commitments.
5) Slim chance of meeting them AGAIN someday.
6) Safe when you're cheating, no giving of numbers.
7) If you already know this person it's personally easier to just pretend it never happened since it was just a one time thing.
8) No flaws are usually notice at this time.

1) Not safe, you don't know this person might be psycho, then again that's where the thrill is.
2) You could fall in-love at first sight, or not.
3) You'll regret it especially if you were drunk as hell that time.
4) You don't know where this person has been to.


1) You're comfortable with this person being acquainted already.
2) You can always have a mutual understanding about your relationship.
3) It could lead to something more like a serious relationship.
4) The companionship is constant but the heartache is not.
5) You know them so you know they are not a psycho, hooker or criminal.

1) Complications arises especially when the other party falls inlove and the other does not.
2) A lot of misunderstandings will arise so you are forced to keep it in secret. (Admit it, it's kinda hard telling people you're not in a relationship, you're just Fubu's)
3) Anytime one can just leave and you are left alone again with out a companion in your lonely nights

Up to you to decide the meaning of the two terms. As for me, been there, done that. Serious relationships are still the best!

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