Thursday, December 29, 2011

If I met Maria Ozawa in the Philippines, these are the Top 10 questions I would ask her..

So, there's a rumor going around that Maria Ozawa is here in the Philippines right this very moment..and apparently, another rumor has started that she wants Filipinos in her next bukkake (link: which me think what if in a bizarre twist of fate I'd get to meet her coz you never know because of the small world right? hahaha I'm not really a super fan but a lot of the guys I dated know her and are big fans of Maria Ozawa so I kind of like found an interest in her movies for purposes of research.  ;) I just thought, If I met her what would I ask her. Here are my Top 10 questions for Maria Ozawa.

1) What makes a good porn actress?
2) In your movies, you do a lot of things to please the viewers, which of these things to do you do when you have sex with your lover privately? or what type of lover are you in private?
3) Which nationality do you prefer to have sex with (on and off cam) and why?
4) What preparation do you do before filming? (beauty and body)
5) How many men have you had sex with?
6) What type of sex toys do you personally own?
7) How do you balance your personal life and career?
8) How do you keeps yourself fit and sexy?
9) When the recent disastrous earthquake hit japan, a lot of your fans got worried because of the rumor that you were one of casualities, How did you feel about that?
10) If anyone wants to be a porn star, what advice can you give them?

I hope someday I can get an exclusive interview with her. Lol! Just my good luck if that happens. Hey, I'd rather talk about sex than trash talk! This holiday season, make love not war.. ;)) Oh, and if ever, I'll definitely ask for sex tips from her! hehehe

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