Thursday, February 17, 2011

When to let them go....

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The thing with people is that we fight for relationships, friendships and connections that are no longer worth fighting for. You have to learn how to know when it's time to let people go if they are no longer a good contributor in your life. If they start being angry at you or making you feel bad about yourself that is not resulting to a good consequence for your well-being then this person is worth you forgetting them. Cry about the lost friendship and relationship but move on, the world offers you much better than all that negativity.

Yes, it might have started genuine, the feelings of true bonding and the feeling of respect and value for each other may have been there and so you have know when that is gone. Either because you just grew apart or you that when the feeling was just simulated from the beginning. Yes, we've all been there and you are not alone everyone has experienced betrayal and it's a shame when you are being true and they were not but you know there's no productivity if you are just going to mourn about something and fighting for something that you are never going to win.

So move on, get rid of all the people concerned in your life. Set your mind that it's your life, your destiny that you are taking over and it shouldn't be that you are playing a part in their lives, in their movie as a supporting lead. Anyway, if they are anything worth being in your life, they will come back sooner or later but if pride will prevent them it's not going to be your fault. So be open to them coming back but nonetheless be open for them to never coming back again. Like all good and bad things, this too shall pass.
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