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How to be an awesome girl that guys want to notice?

Hi! It's been a while since I made a topic post. This time I want to talk about how to be an awesome girl. Why an awesome girl? An awesome girl is a girl every man dreams of having. They want to be her boyfriend, she captivates their attention and someone they are afraid to approach but they can't help but still be drawn to her. Yes, You have heard it in Ne-yo's song, "Miss independent" and yes, other songs have been dedicated to her, this independent sexy and enticing woman.

But how can you be that awesome girl everyone dreams about? How can you catch the attention of the guy you've had a crush on for a long time? This is not going to be something like those in the movies that will happen overnight. Some are late bloomers in this department of being an "Awesome girl" and some are just clueless. So here, on this blog post I will give you a bit of an insider's look on how to be a girl worthy of a man's attention. But first, a discussion misconceptions.

Misconception no. 1
"I can't be a girl worthy to be noticed because I'm not pretty"
My dear girl, pretty is subjective. Some will not find you beautiful but to others you are the most amazing creature they have ever seen and yes even prettier than Angelina Jolie. I kid you not because I have friends who are fat and not so pretty (pimples and irregular nose or face) but they found the loves of their lives and they are the only thing their boyfriends will see and most of the people I know don't understand why. Because the truth is, being pretty is just a fad.

Misconception no. 2
"I need to be skinny"
No, I'm chubby let me assure you, it doesn't matter. Hot guys will like you even if you're chubby. Just try ot to be obese, and if you are obese, go on a healthy diet. Eat fruits and vegetables and put that burger down!

Misconception no. 3
"I have to be rich"
No, you don't have to be Paris Hilton to be able to catch a guy with a good financial standing. I don't mean you become a gold digger but it is possible to attract a guy even if you think he is way out of your level.

So let's begin.
First, I will tell you I am not a self-help expert. I'm just a regular girl who has dated a lot. I cannot say that I am the smartest and prettiest girl in the block but I can proudly say I don't stay single for long. I am not a play girl but I will tell you my secret.

The secret is..just let go. Let go? Of what? Everything. Insecurities, doubts and your weakness.

As I may have already pointed out. Men love independent women, boys like girls whom they know is not so high maintenance.

Be more creative in innovating yourself. think like a guy and get a hobby and be good at it. Make it as an asset to catch his attention. For example, you are good in painting. They strike up a conversation with him by showing him something good you painted. Chances are, he'll be impressed and be interested.

Be informed.. Don't limit yourself with one topic or interest. Chances are you will meet a lot of potential boyfriends and they will have different personalities. It would be so sexy if they can stereotype you to be one thing and then they suddenly see you as something else in the next. I have been in those kinds of situations having dated a lot and I can say I learned a lot from the guys I have had a conversation with like in a date and I try to learn a little bit about what they do so that I don't get to ignoramous about it. Read a good book at least once a month, try to get quotes or funny or witty remarks from it and use them in your next conversation. A witty girl is always a turn on.

Be attractive. How can you be attractive by just being you? Simple. Get inspired.
Maybe today you can get a haircut or tomorrow get some good shoes. Maybe even buy a flattering dress to boost that self-confidence. I cannot stress enough how sexy confidence is to men. But not to confident or lest you risk being called a bitch. Just enough to know what you can do but humble enough to show only a little and allow the guy to discover new things about you on his own.
If you are going out on a date, it would be the biggest mistake to lay down the card immediately on the table. You will lose your guy's interest because he has lost the thrill of the chase.

Release but take it back. Now this is a game not all women or girls know how to play. If you have caught your guys attention. Show to him subtly that you like him. For example, look at him in the eyes when you kow you only has his attention and no one else. If you have established eye contact, smile, look down and look away. Yes, sounds like something from that Geisha movie but it really does work. Don't give to much or you will be considered cheap and easy and don't keep too much or else they will consider you a girl with issues.

Be interesting. In a party, I'm never the predator but always the prey. That's the mantra I will say to myself. Especially when I'm single I try my hardest never to think about looking for a guy, its desperation at its finest so no. If a guy sees you and he think, "Oh this girl is not looking, why?" you've caught his attention. What I recommend you to do is to sit in the corner with your drink, smile at your friends and just not care and let the beat of the music just sway your body. I guarantee you 8 out of 10, a guy already has noticed you and will make his move by getting close to you then asking your name. Why? I don't know why, I know it works though, for real. I think its because good guys in a party are not looking for wild girls. They are looking for someone who stands out and that's the sexy and attractive girl standing in the corner alone so they want to get to know her better.

NEVER BE NEEDY..let a man be. If he pursues then ok, if not then ok. next!:))

Anyway, so far I think those are the only things I could think of. Remember girls, project and project. Know you are attractive and sexy inside and out. We are never made perfect but we are perfect to some guy so good luck with you love life, know that men will definitely beg you to your feet if you are worthy of them to be begged of and you know it. I'm enjoying mine single yet again.;) so who's the next prospect?hmm

next article... When is a good time to have sex with someone?
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