Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to install programs to my epad/china tab/APAD/Msi tab/joy pad?

If you recently bought a china tablet internet pad/epad/apad/msi/joypad (if bought from Welcom) you might be wondering how to install new programs such as chat, chikka text messenger, viber, etc. it's quite easy. Your problem would be the internal memory of your china tab gadget. Usually it only has 2gig free memory and you need to have a micro SD card to use as expandable memory so that your china tab will function normally and it will not hang up. Personally, I preferred to uninstall all the unnecessary games to free some much needed memory. Androd tabs don't use .exe programs that you use to install in a Windows OS. Android tabs use .apk programs so what you need to do is download these programs, usually available online for FREE, and save it to your micro SD and install it in your android tab bearing in mind the limited internal storage space so you shouldn't install a lot..
Here are the keyword of my favorite android tab or china tab applications that you can search and download online:

Chikka text messenger: allows you to text for free using your android tab or china tab (chikka.apk)
Viber: allows you to text for free using your android tab or china tab unlimited if you are texting someone who also has a viber in their china tab or IPHONE as an app. (viber for android)
ebuddy: allows you to chat using your ym and facebook and other messenger accounts simultaneously. (ebuddy.apk)

they are usually FREE online and you can download them in the market app but if you can't try looking for them online manually.

remember you can only use these android apps if you have internet connection. But if you have mobile internet like smart bro or globe tattoo or sun broadband, you can actually use that to connect to the internet using your china tab or epad, or apad. Read this post to know how :


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  5. Hi! I'm having a hard time installing viber on my epad. Well, basically, it just doesn't install it. Do you have links on where I can download a compatible version of viber for epad? And also for skype. :) Thanks!