Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The candy man..

Being used to not having you by my side is different with my heart not having u in it. It still hurts when i think of you, talk about u, i am still afraid to see you, i still feel it is wrong to be with another not you. I am hoping but i am angry. I gave up but still want you to try. Everyday i wake up knowing i will never hear you call me, i'll never hear you ask of me, i'll never hear you fight for me because you don't love me. It saddens me because in a heartbeat at any given time, as long as i know you are mine and mine alone i shall fly to you with out question. I forgot my dreams and hopes because i cannot forget you but i am trying God knows i am. No one knows this. No one will ever know. For in this secret carries with it my destruction, my devastation, my downfall... You are the sweetest. You are my bitterness. You.

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