Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 1-Bar Exams reflection

Things that i have learned so far. If you feel like you are on the verge of breaking down because you feel like you have lost everything you shouldn't, cry a river, build a bridge and move on. Because that's what people do, they move on. Never give up on life, your dreams, sanity, hope, love and most of all never give up on God. Do what you need to do to let it out but don't forget to let it go until you eventually wake up and realize you're finally okay. If it still feels wrong, you haven't let it go. Give it time. Don't mind the judgmental people that surround you and tell you what you should or shouldn't do to make yourseld feel better jus because your methods are below their standards. Who are they for their standards to matter at all? They might know the story but they don't know what you've been through and what you had to do to heal the wounds some people, event and trauma left you. What's important is you love yourself enough to allow yourself be imperfect then mold yourself into a better person. Remember, you are a dream yesterday and a reality today.

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