Sunday, October 7, 2012

To haters!

People say to me, "grabe you're strong". Yes, i'm strong like everyone else but i get hurt like everyone else as well. I do know when a person approaches me as a friend and then whispers when i'm out of ear shot. I do know about how some judge me because of this and that and some stories are just exaggerated and funny and yes, i have long since accepted that i am not going to win ms congeniality anytime soon so i resort to ignore this as a normal everyday thing. I am not popular but i am also not infamous for hurting people and stabbing them in the back. Sayang to these people whom i have considered as colleagues for a long time but they look at me with such disdain because i fail to PLEASE whatever standard they set up for anyone their highnessess want to oblige their friendship with. We could have been friends all this time. If we can't be friends, let's not be enemies. Ignoring me when i'm directly talking to you or acting like i'm not in the room is just plain gay and immature when i don't even know what i did wrong to this person. It's too late to build bridges now though. All i wish is for them to leave me alone at this moment and ignore me like i'm ignoring them. As much as it is amusing to watch them waste their time talking and analyzing me, remember that we're all supposed to be highly-educated people so stop acting like mga chismosas and chismosos na tambay sa kanto coz u sound just like that to the people who are reporting your hurtful words to me. Funny, you say you don't like me because i'm not at your level but i'd rather stay where i am than go down to yours!;) tsup from jane garci!

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