Monday, July 8, 2013

Ignorance is bliss..

There are things better left unspoken, better left undiscussed, better left forgotten.. For sometimes doing those things could cause wounds that should never have been there in the first place. The human mind naturally makes up excuses for one to feel better faced with adversity or what i like to coin as a comfort blanket. If it is a demotion in your job, you figured it was because they are cost cutting instead of admitting you had a poor performance for the past months. If it is a heartbreak, you imagined the worst about the other person, make them look even despicable in your eyes and less desireable, rather than admitting to yourself that the relationship was not meant to work and live with the fact that you had a fault in it as well... However, if you talked about it, if you broke it down to pieces or if you confront the truth behind things you might just not like what you see.. A friend of mine posted that the truth will not set you free and that it will not turn out for the better of anything. I think she has a point. I wish i didn't know what i know. I wished i would have stayed ignorant maybe i'll be happier. Next time, i should learn to leave things be. I forced it too much... I need to rest my brain.

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