Thursday, May 17, 2012

Head to Toe woman's guide in preparing for that first date..

Excited for that first date but unsure how to prepare your self for it? Here are some useful tips for you.

1) Head: Make sure you get a good haircut to get that confidence you need. For the eyes make sure u don't apply too much make up. Use safe earth colors. Save the dark eyeshadows until the third date. Mascarra is a must. Blush on is ok but make sure you put it is as natural as possible. Moisturize to look fresh. Don't use dark lipstick or else you might discourage them from kssing you. Use lipbalm then light beige lipstick to tease. Don't forget the most important accessory, your smile!

2) Body: make sure you wear clothes that cover up you body but reveals enough to show off your curves. Save the backless, strapless or plunging blouse for maybe the second date. Don't wear distracting colors. Go for white, black, grey, velvet red. Don't do green, fuschia pink or stripes. Unless you are confident in pulling it off.. Take note guys look at what you're wearing as much as other girls are.

3) Toe: wear flats! Heels only when you are going to have fine dining but always have light flatshoes ready in your bag. You never know what will happen coz first dates are unpredictable.. A short romantic walk may just spring up!

Talk abut your ex. If it pops up, just politely say that you're not comfortable talking about it. If he insists then that's when you can tell him. Be careful not to sound bitter.

Insist on paying for your food. Offer but if he insists on paying for you then let him.

Be too independent. Let him open doors, pull out your chair, guide you where to go, order for you etc. A man wants to be chivalrous as well. If you let him, you are being sensitive to him.

Clingy or needy. Don't insist on a second date.

Have sex. Leave him hanging for the second date.

Talk to much. Let him open up about himself as well and get to know him to decide whether to get dessert or not.

There you go! Goodluck

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