Thursday, May 17, 2012

On gay marriage..

Why shouldn't gay people get married? What is marriage to us anyway but merely society giving their consent to the union of two people. If the couple is married, the law protects the union and their property and why shouldn't people of the same sex be given such privilege?! They are citizens of this country as well and have given a significant contribution to our economy and they are law-abiding citizens. They're just like every one of us with normal lives. Put it this way: If a person who steals and kills loves someone of the opposite sex, they are allowed to get married but a person who abides by the law and in fact, wants the law to recognize them, yet wants to marry the same sex, they can't and shouldn't.

Just because religion does not approve of it nor can they have the ability to procreate, the state must give equality before the eyes of the law. There is no substantial distinction between a gay couple and a heterosexual couple aside from religious reasons. Is it immoral to fall inlove? Is it immoral to want to spend the rest of your life with someone in marriage? And to Manny Pacquaio, please ask yourself, why does it shock your conscience to see two men or women kissing each other or even get married and is perfectly fine with you to clobber your opponent on International TV and people are actually paying you to do that?! They're not hurting anybody. God created all of us equal. God created only man and woman and made them especially for eachother but he didn't say a woman shouldn't be for woman and man shouldn't be for man if they chose to.

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