Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smart Communications: Live more

Messaging is more than communication.

I never used to patronize SMART. I have to confess that it was only in early 2011 that I hastily bought a new Smartbro because I had lost my internet connection for 10 days. I needed the internet to do my online job as a freelance writer and a day without internet is money lost. When I started using Smartbro, I noticed immediately how fast and reliable it was but it was not only until when my nephew got sick and eventually passed away that I really appreciated Smart. We were in the hospital a few days before his operation and we needed a way to communicate to our parents abroad. Of course, we were from Cebu and my nephew was set to be operated in Manila, so my sister, her family and I had to go all the way to the unfamiliar place of Luzon to seek the medical healing of our precious baby. My sister brought with her, her Globe Tattoo while I brought with me my Smartbro. It wasn't long before we realized which one had the most powerful mobile internet and so I allowed them to use my USB mobile net to Skype with our parents. With the other mobile internet provider, we had to many errors and with Smartbro it was just smooth sailing. What do you expect when you have up to 3mbps of mobile internet at your disposal, right?

When my nephew passed away, during the wake, our parents requested that we do not turn off the live streaming so they can watch the mass and mourn with us even if they cannot join us physically. Again, we had the two mobile internet sticks with us and with Tattoo, we still got the same lagging error and with Smartbro, our parents were able to mourn with us real time. The whole duration of the funeral, we took the Smartbro internet-powered laptop around with us to our parents join us during the long procession to the cemetery via Skype and not once was there any error in the video and audio because of the fast mobile internet.

To Read more about my nephew's story click here.

Always connected while reviewing
coz mom calls me anytime.
A year has passed since then and I still have the same Smartbro internet stick with me. A year plus old but still works as fast as the last time. This has been my favorite travel must-have. Now, I'm reviewing for the Bar and I have left my home province of Cebu City to live independently in the big city, Metro Manila. More than ever, I have relied on Smartbro to help me connect with my loved ones and friends because it works well with Skype, Magicjack, Email and social media like, Twitter and Facebook. It has kept the loneliness at bay. And when I need fast updates about the news and the Bar Examinations like Bar Matter updates or new cases and notes I need to download and read, I am worried only that one day my SIM card will die on me because I am dependent on it too much. :P So much so that I actually have two Smartbro Sim cards just in case. What I love about it is that the same SIM card I use for the my Smartbro USB stick can be used in my iPhone or any 3g enable gadget I have. It's very useful if I am commuting because I can use my maps app to search for my destination and the fastest route to get there and if I have information I need to look up in google, it's no problem because I can be online on-the-go. I've also tried using my laptop as a WIFI hotspot using a Windows 7 program, sharing my Smartbro mobile internet to 3-5 other gadgets and it never had any problems. This is my live more moment: Getting out of my comfort zone, starting out a new adventure every time in an unknown world while not sacrificing the bond I have with any of the important people in my life. With Smart helping me get to my destination because of their widest nation-wide coverage, I am NEVER out of signal and I am ALWAYS connected wherever I am.
My Rags to Riches Bag w/ Smart Logo

I have cut off the landline internet at home and switched to Smartbro 3g WIFI mobile net and as for our Globe Tattoo, we honestly don't know where it is now. Imagine paying P999 for postpaid PLDT MyDsl internet every month for only up to 3 Kbps internet speed (and upgrade to only 1 Mbps for P1200 per month) as compared to Smart Unlisurf of P1200/Month of speed up to 3 Mbps and that's PREPAID. Switching was no brainer.

I guess all the patronizing of SMARTbro has paid off, though I could only wish for it, they were kind enough to choose me as the winner for their Live More moment when I shared my story on Twitter. I am now the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 710 which I will post here after they send it to me in two weeks.

But really, thank you SMART for your service. Looking back, I'm glad our land line internet is expensive, slow and unreliable, without which, I never would have bought Smartbro and wouldn't have discovered the benefits of switching to this mobile internet service.

To end my blog, messaging is more than just communication. It is sharing every moment that matters to the people on the other end and if the line you are using to communicate is clear, powerful and as reliable as SMART, you are sure to send them not only your words but as well as your feelings.

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