Monday, August 2, 2010


I'll miss you my friend..we'll meet you at the gates of heaven. We never got to do a lot of things because of circumstances that I could have avoided earlier. I regret I only visited you for so few times when you were just 15 mins away from me. Thank you for letting me eat that delicious siopao of your mom (yes, i do still remember that siopao). Diba sige ko pangayu atu gihapon? hehehe Thanks for introducing me to BENTO. Thanks for staying as my good friend for almost 6 years. Thanks for calling me sa balay when you wanted to update. I was never always able to talk to you kay pirmi ko wala kay busy jud ayu ko labaw na sa school. :( Ikaw ra bya pirmi nako mayab-an sa stories sa ako love life. Nya daghan najud ka wa nahibaw-an. I remember when I told you about what happened between me and my ex, even though at your condition you still joked and said, "Saman kulatahun ko na?" hahaha hay Hamilton Heart Hamilton Heart , your spirit was always up. That's what I like about you. karun too late na ayu to make it all up. You were still very healthy then but when I finally got the time, you couldn't go out anymore. I could only visit you and it hurt me so much to see you in that condition. But I know you lived a good life. Look at us, all your good friends have come and we're good friends too. That's because of you and the goodness of your heart. No amount of pride, money and material possession in the world was worth losing you. I would not change a thing bert if it meant I would never be able to meet you. If doing it all over again meant you were able to make it there sa ako debut. Nga naapil ka sako 18 roses. Then so be it.Meeting you was a precious thing. Your heart was defective but it worked perfectly well. You taught us how to love unconditionally and that was what brought us together. Look at me, wels, tan, bee and maryann? Who would think? If it weren't for you, our paths would never have crossed. We never would have been friends and we never would have been able to t take care of eachother. Now that you're gone bert, you left us stronger than we were before we met you. That's how you affect us. 

I know things happen for a reason. I'd like to think of it that way. Thank you jud kaayu bert sa tanan. Kitakits UP there bert, pabugnawa lang ang tagay daan og ang karaoke andama. Kay magshinagitay ta og kanta dira hap! Himuan tikaw balik atung leche flan nga nahan ayu ka. At least di na musakit imo tutunlan. Og most of all, we can go to all of the places we had only dreamed of before and places I've been to but you were never able to. The world is yours now bert, No limit! Maski kwarta way problema! Favor, tell God to forgive me sa akong mga sala..para makasud pud ko heaven.. ge na gud friends bitaw ta :D hehehe bitaw bert, last day na nimo diri dah....9 hours from now, we will lay you to rest permanently. Please rest well my friend. We Love You.

by: Marian Jane Alumbro

Close your eyes, it's peaceful now
no more pain, death's most solemn vow
spread your wings and begin to fly
I promise you, you won't see me cry

Fly across the earth and heavens blue,
no one and nothing is going to stop you
and when God beckons us too someday,
I know you'll be there for us to guide our way

Note: This poem is dedicated to my good friend, Albert. It's been exactly 6 years since I've known you. Mga ingon arun jud ta nga buwana nagkaila remember? hehehe

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