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That's another question that got my head head wondering. How far have you gone or would you go for the sake of vanity? Beauty is subjective and men and women all over the world would do all kinds of things depending upon their culture and what's "IN" just to satisfy their need to satisfy their outer beauty to please people of the opposite sex or just for the sex of their own viewing pleasure. They either take dangerous illegal drugs that promotes cancer or go under the knife to materially alter their appearance through surgical means. In the Philippines, getting white and getting thin is what's getting everyone into a craze. Products containing hydroquinone , mercury or steroids are invading our grocery stores and is a must have in almost every woman's kikay kit. These active ingredients has been proven to promote skin cancer, breast cancer and mental retardation in children. Diet pills, diet teas, diet sodas and almost anything that contains the word "Diet" is also hitting the market like a storm. More often than not, they contain Aspartame which is a sugar substitute but it costs cancer as well. Diet pills and teas contain the herd "Senna" which can cost colon cancer.

Surgical modifications are another story and I know most readers here would know already the effect of too much cosmetic surgery. Major Cosmetic Surgery fail!

I read something in the "Mixer" magazine I got from the Killer Bee 92.3 Radio Station my boyfriend works at that women in Jamaica have something the complete opposite going on for them. Instead of getting thin, they concentrate in getting as "FAT" as possible. Being fat there is associated to status, fame and money and because they are usually poor and unemployed there, if you're fat you're considered to be someone who is able to feed yourself. So instead of Diet Pills, they have "FOWL PILLS" or pills used to feed livestock that contain both testosterone and proestrogen hormones to fatten them up. They consider a 5'9" women there weighing about 190 Lbs. to be thin so they have to be fat or else no man would ever take interest in them. Fowl pills can cause a lot of side-effects because it is not intended to be used for humans. What's worst is that it can cause breast cancer. But their women risk it at the same time as most Filipinas would risk getting their skin burned by bleaching, anorexic and bullemic by not having proper eating habits and getting breast and colon cancer by drinking all those diet teas and pills. I remember back then when the infamous "Bangkok Pills" were still very popular. It was declared illegal right away but somehow, everyone was able to get their hands on it including my aunt. She kept drinking them despite of all the warnings we gave her. She almost fainted one time and that's when she stopped.

I think there's nothing wrong if you want to make yourself more beautiful and attractive. God knows I have my own regimen as well but I think being beautiful and skinny or FAT, if you live in Jamaica, would be "moot and academic" if you're dead or going to be dead. I also believe doing it to find love is not an entirely bad thing but if it's love, he/she shouldn't mind right if you're white, black, thin or fat as long as you're crazy for each other. There are better alternatives out there like proper diet and exercise. It's a slow process but it works minus the cancer.

Anyway, especially women who might read this. Beauty is nothing if you're bitchy. So I believe we should start with inner beauty first. No matter the dress size, there's nothing more sexy than self-confidence and a woman that a man knows is independent and knows how to handle things well for herself. It means for him, the makings of a good mother and wife. Take it from me. ;)
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