Monday, August 2, 2010

If I were to meet my 15 yo self, I'd tell myself....

Finally, I was able to get some time to reply to this note katrina, my good friend of so many years, tagged me in. She read this in mo twister's website and found it interesting. I found it interesting too because now that I look back I realized I am not the girl who I was back when I was 15 and made so many stupid mistakes back then. I'm older and hopefully wiser now.

1. If you went back in time and had lunch with your 15-year-old self, what about your current life would be most surprising to the younger you? Also: Where would you eat?

Venue: Baker Rack!

1) Don't do well in highschool academics. 3/4 of your knowledge here is useless except english (basic rules in grammar) and civics. Enjoy time with ur friends. You will graduate a cumlaude in college someday and highschool performance won't even matter. u'd be a dean's list in law school too lolz!
2) Speaking of friends, stop hanging our with ur current ones too much and go explore other people. You will find out that the best of your friends later on is not in that circle. Try those girls juaymah and jody...through jody you will meet meggee again, remember her? u used to bully her back in kinder.. lol She will turn out to be one of your best friends too! 
Later in college u will have a barkada again, yes your friendship will last longer then 3 years but remember what I said earlier. History will repeat itself and you will be betrayed again by someone you trusted so much which will cause u to lose these friends and respect from other people. U will be in for another disappointment because the ones who will be there for you when u badly need them and who will cry with you when u cry is not in that circle though years after college u'd still be friends. They will apologize, forgive but remember this when that happens, Barkada's are not ur only friends and you will find the ones that will matter in times of distress in all the unexpected places.. like jay r and chima.(i will not forget bo's moment..thanks guys)
3) Don't be too hot tempered. Coz of that you will get into a lot of trouble. It's not good to hate and u'll feel worst coz you will be hated as well. Learn how to forgive. Learn how to control.
4) Don't allow boys to hang out in your room. You will regret that dearly.
5) DO respect your teachers, u will want to become one of them someday.
6) Don't worry about your friends hating u now coz one of your friends betrayed u and they don't believe u. Though your heart is breaking now and your scared to death to go back to school, everything will be WAY better later on. You won't be expecting this but you'd still be friends 9 years later. Be brave. It will make you stronger later on.
7) Do what you have to do when it comes to love. Trust your instincts. Everything you will undergo when it comes to love will ultimately lead you to appreciate the right one.
8) Don't be sad because u'r single. Enjoy it for as long as it will last coz believe me, you won't be single for long.
9) Do pursue law school immediately after college. You will regret it later on coz u will graduate late.
10) Do value your time with your parents. They will go to the states soon and you will miss their presence dearly. Your dad maybe a control-freak but he is still ur only dad. He may act like that but he will defend you because of situation number 4. that goes to show he really does love you and trust u even though you made a mistake.
11) Don't forget to appreciate your old friends and the friends you will meet from now on. They will be there for you every time that you need them and will help you keep ur sanity. You are not a lone warrior fighting a battle. You have friends who are willing to fight with u. U just need to learn where to find them.
12) Do not worry about your life in high school. You'll leave this place and will never go back. Your life will start in college and law school will be the best. High school will just be a nightmare away. Don't brood over this past and look at your bright future.
13) Try to keep ur ideals, u will need it in law school.
14) smile more often, people mistake you as suplada coz ur too tihik with ur smile.:) You know you only want friends and so be more friendly.
15) DOn't join YFC, you will only find it a waste of your time but since you will meet friends there, join just to meet them then leave. patricia, jesse and dodi will still be your friends too 9 years later.
16) do try to control ur eating habits now. you will regret it later ahaha
17) pray even if you don't believe in going to church.. You will have a lot of blessings later on so better start thanking HIM now.
18) don't trust people too easily from now on. The betrayals you've just encountered have just begun.
19) do value your time with these people when u meet them and be good friends with them: kaloy loquias and albert hamilton yu, their time on earth is limited.

Last thing I'd say before I time travel back to my present:
Everything you have experienced and will experience from here on will mold you into becoming a better person. A person you had only dreamed about becoming right now at 15. You will be beautiful, independent, talented, smart and be surrounded with true friends, old and new, and a loving family regardless whether or not you follow the advice I gave u. Just trust what you can learn with every thing that happened in your life. everything happened for a reason. Stay strong and don't lose hope. Pray fervently, love strongly and be humble always. You will be happy at 24.:) try to be contented by 30.

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