Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scars of the heart

I got burned because of riding a Habal-Habal last Sunday and the way it's healing right now, I could see that it's going to leave a very ugly scar later on. So I asked my aunt and Lola for something that could help me with the scar. As expected, they recommended an old remedy, by using Sebo de Macho or Mantika de Cacao. It's supposedly an effective and cheap method to lighten up scars but you have to apply it when the scar is still fresh and religiously every morning and every night. I used to apply this before for my old scars but the thing is I have to keep it refrigerated or else the oil will eventually lose it's sebum state and it will spill all over the place if you open it accidentally and that's the part I hated. Still in order to lighten up the scar, I guess I have to settle with this instead of the more expensive creams out there. If anyone could donate, I would probably be very happy. Lol!

An idea came up when I was applying it earlier. Is there an effective scar remover for the heart? Or at least something potent enough to lighten up the hurt and bitterness you felt because of the wounds you garnered because of giving your heart away? I would definitely get one no matter how expensive. Sadly there is no such thing and there are no wounds in my heart. Maybe something is in there that's healing but it certainly is not a wound. Maybe like a runner, my heart just got tired and is resting its sore muscles, massaging it until it's ready for another marathon. Nonetheless, I thank God for all I have ever experienced. They taught me well. I believe he has reasons for everything and regret is his way of telling me to appreciate people more who has come into my life and went. Whether it be old friends and lovers, whether it's old and new acquaintances, or whether they be important or not, I know I can learn from each and everyone of them. Next time I know better than to burn bridges.

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