Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to jailbreak an's not illegal anymore!!

The knowledge I'm about to share to you is public knowledge. It can be found in various websites and all you need to do is google it. The reason why I'm doing this is to seek revenge on all those people who tried to extort money from me by asking me to pay them 2-2.5k PESOS just to unlock my iphone when the procedure is soooooo simple!!! If you get an IPHONE, this is what you gotta do...

1) Go to
2) Download the software. It'll automatically install itself. It's free. SO if you paid for that.. you got duped.
3) When the program prompts you to connect your iphone to your computer, do so.
4) Wait for it to do it's magic. Your iphone will display a weird logo, don't worry it's normal.
5) When your iphone finishes rebooting. Disconnect your iphone.
6) Go to the blackra1n icon already installed in your iphone
7) click CYDIA and SNOW. Click install.
8) After your IPHONE reboots congrats!! You just did a jailbreak on your iphone and unlocked it so you use it with all networks! And it didn't cost you anything.
9) DOnate to geohot (the developer) through his website. All major credit cards and paypal is welcomed.


NOTE: DOn't update your software using itunes. But if you do just repeat the whole process.

WARNING: JAILBREAKING AND UNLOCKING your iphone has been outlawed by apple and might risk reducing your iphone into a mere paperweight so I am not assuming any responsibility if you f-up your jailbreaking or unlocking process but those who claims to unlock and jailbreak your phone out there if you pay them thousands of pesos are actually just using the same process too so the risk is the same!

To those people who is trying to extort money from people when they know they did not develop the program for this, SHAME ON YOU! This is your karma. This knowledge is free and should stay free!

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