Sunday, August 8, 2010

When choosing a job, what would you prefer, Happiness or the salary?

I think I would prefer the job giving the higher paying salary. If I have the money, it would definitely make me happy! Aside from being able to buy and shop all the things, clothes and shoes that I want, I have more money to spend on my family like take them out to dinner or buying my parents, especially my mom, a lot of things just to give them something in return or all the years they subjected me to the "Ma and Pa Scholarship Foundation Fund." Hahaha:D I can understand why college level-graduates would choose to work in call-centers or medical representatives for medical companies considering that they often pay more than P15,000.00+ salary and throw in a car while they are at it. The down side is, you work on holidays and during night time. It defeats the whole purpose of spending time with your family, since you will hardly get to see them.

But thinking over the question again in my head. I think my choice would depend on the situation. I mean, A higher-paying for me being single does not necessarily mean it's quite enough if I have a family. Let's say two kids and a husband. Though, a couple would share the expenses a join salary of P30,000 a month usually is not enough. You know, with the bills, food and kids matriculation and allowance and other necessary expenses for any one to survive. While looking at the practical side of things I can also look at it the other way. Yeah, I have all that money and I am stable but do I wake up happy or bitter? Do I still have my family with me after all that or have they not yet left me? Do I still have my pride intact or have I sold it to my tyrannical boss? Well I guess the best way for me right now is to go look at joining the academe again.
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