Thursday, August 5, 2010

CAVEAT: Facebook and YM viruses.

Be careful! There's a facebook virus going around lately and it's really inconvenient. It will hack into ur FB account and it will start posting wall messages to your friends and sending SPAM to everyone in your friends list. If you get a message or a wall post that says "I saw your video. How could you do that?" or "check this out", or if you find the post suspicious DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK OR VIDEO, better safe than sorry or delete the message immediately and it would be better if you delete that contact on your list! There's no hope for that account which is infected because their account will continue to send SPAM to you and give you wall post which is very annoying. YM viruses are similarly the same. If your friend, even if it's someone you regularly chat with, suddenly messages you a link that says "Hey is this really you in the pic? www..xxxxx..arb.cvs" or something don't click on that. It's a virus that sends out spam.


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