Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tattoos: Art from pain..

Kat Von D - The Ultimate Tattoo ArtistImage by theleetgeeks via Flickr
Rumor has it that Kat Von D, the famous female tattoo artist is pregnant because of a joke she did on TV. She later on said that she was not pregnant. Kat Von D is famous for her rock and roll looks and her style in tattoos. She beautiful too and I really don't mind getting inked by her if ever I can afford her.LOL

Speaking of Tattoos, I've been wanting to get inked lately. I have a very small one but it's very easy to hide. I liked tattoos since way before but tattoos are often considered as a taboo in Philippine society, it being associated to criminals and prostitutes, so it's hard for me to fully decide to get a big one. I'm a law student but art has always been my passion even though I never took up the course. I don't like tattoos because my friends have one, neither do I want to get one to show it off. I want one because of my own viewing pleasure. I have friends who are tattoo artists, some of them are good while some are quite talented. Of course, the more talented and known your artist is the more expensive he is. I could just imagine the talent fee of Kat Von D, a session with her probably costs thousands of dollars. If I get one, I'd rather make sure I get a quality one and that means expense. One good thing about friends who are talented tattoo artists, some are willing to do it for free.hahaha Still, if I am sure my mom can't say anything against me for getting one in a time I get my own job and stop schooling, that is the time I will get a tattoo. I don't mind dealing with taboo and I don't mind the pain, for me art is art, and it's my own self-expression even if for now, I hide it from the world.
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