Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Myrick Hilario: Could he be the next Big Thing on Youtube?

A friend of mine gave me the links to his videos and all I can say is he really has talent. I mean he can reach the high-pitch of these songs he's singing. He knows Piano and Guitar as well as far as I can tell. He uses, I suspect, an expensive motion-sensor webcam with automatic zooming capabilities (same as what my mom uses) and home-use karaoke to record his videos.(which oftentimes release a very annoying head-splitting feedback in his videos) A lot of comments, mix of harsh criticisms and praises flooded his videos. Mostly people condemn him because of diction or physical related. No surprise there, the world is harsh and you can never please everybody especially Pinoys who are picky with how fellow Pinoys pronounce English and Tagalog. I think we are entitled to our own opinion, as Voltaire has said, "I may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death your right to say it". With that, this is mine:

So what if he has a not-american-english diction? It's normal if you don't speak English as a first language. He is Pinoy and being Pinoy means you speak a first language which is your local dialect and second language which is, supposedly, Tagalog and English would come in a close third language for most. I say "supposedly" because if you're like me, I don't speak Tagalog quite well as compared to English. It's just like how some English native-speakers (like American or British) have difficulty in speaking and pronouncing French to cite an example. Each local Philippine dialect (which is roughly around 154) has it's own intonation and diction, it's part of our culture. Hey, I used to work for a call-center and Americans oftentimes say I sound like from the Mainland US, so, I think I can say I have excellent conversational English-speaking skills but I do have my occasional slip ups like pronouncing independent as "endependent" or high heels as "high hills" or "chicks flick" instead of chick flicks. (Yes, I openly admit I'm only human.:P)

If you listen carefully he can really hit those high notes, even my boyfriend, who is a well-known local DJ,(ehem) has difficulty in reaching in Karaoke. lol haha (peace lau) Myrick Hilario sounds like April Boy to me who is now a famous singer. Myrick Hilario has defiled the norms and shared to the world his talent and not everyone can do that. Yes, because of what he did, he should also be prepared for the criticisms and if I were him I would take it as a challenge, probably take English diction and grammar lessons and voice lessons or someone out there could recognize his talent and probably sponsor him some lessons. Who knows? It's up to his "diskarte" and luck how he will do that as long as he does what he has an absolute right to be doing. Like I said we have our constitutional right of freedom of expression. He is slowly becoming an online celebrity with views from his videos ranging from 2,000-7,000 views each , peaking suddenly in the past few months. Myrick Hilario, I salute you and I support you. :) If ever you get an ABS-CBN News or GMA News interview for the views you garnered in youtube, hope you know that some where on the south side, someone blogged about you. aja!

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