Monday, August 2, 2010

Trekking Experience-and a little cosmic order of the universe blog

My eyes are tired but my hair is still wet so I'm writing something right now about my experience today while it is still very much fresh on my mind. I'm dead beat because of the 7-hour trekking of the Bonbon river to the magical secret falls of Mipi, the water source of the river. It was a very long hike and probably the longest I've ever had in my life. It was probably the most adventurous thing I've ever done and there's something about walking on in the middle of nowhere, experiencing nature at it's almost virgin setting. When I looked up, the rain hit my face, and in my peripheral vision is all green. I almost cannot believe we've taken for granted the natural wonders of nature for so long. Most of us didn't even know that, that river was still part of Cebu which made me wonder if anyone of the city officials has even trekked far enough there. 

It's amazing how nature balances everything including my emotions and how the universe puts into place everything that needs to be done. Before today, I thought I had everything all figured out but I had a lot to learn about life and love and things today just started out with a weird cosmic twist. For example, before I went to rendezvous with my UC Law classmates, I was so shocked to see someone from my distant past walking across TESDA. I didn't expect to see him, it caught me totally of guard, at first my heart skipped a beat when I realized it was truly him. It was then it amused me to realized it has been exactly 7 months since I last saw him on the 7th month of the year, nearing the 7th hour of the day. Hmmmm Universe is this your way of rewarding me or testing me? I thought I would feel something like anger or guilt, I waited to have any feeling of nostalgia seeing his face but rather what I felt was happiness. I felt happy since I wouldn't have been able to go trekking if we were still together, if I did, I would have been too scared and worried that he might be mad at me for going, or be mad at me for not being able to text him even if I didn't have any signal and considering the fact I was going to have at that time a nature experience, it may have also been nature's way of saying, "It was the natural course of things. It was meant to happen." Oh well, too much for that. I guess all things will come to place, and I noticed that life is a cosmic karma to teach u lessons only if you are open-minded enough to notice it.

True enough, the universe wasn't finished with me today, when i went to the mall to eat a light dinner with my boyfriend after trekking, I finally met someone I should have met 3 years ago. It was brief but enough to make an impression. Well, anyway I'll leave it that. I wonder what else the universe has in store for me? Today is a new day. As I looked up in the sky earlier, felt the rain on my skin and reflecting on how short our time on this Earth is, I wouldn't trade for anything I have experienced in the past. The scratches and bruises on my skin right now is nothing compared to the deep scars and trauma my heart has experienced in the almost 24 years of my existence. But you know what? I'm glad to be alive. I'm glad I made it back alive despite having two left feet. I'm glad to have a few people who love me and stayed with me this far in my life despite some who never understood me. That's their own opinion, they are entitled to it. The dangerous river path of stones and hurdles got the survivor instincts out of me. I kept thinking, "keep going, keep walking. Keep your eye on the ball."

Universe, bring it on.:)
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