Thursday, August 5, 2010

Danger in the darkness..

This blog is light of the increasing crime-rates and "hold-up"-ing incidents we have right now in metro Cebu. I was in a cab today going home and we were pulled over briefly by a check point. I had to ask the driver why there were a lot of those lately and he mentioned about the past months incidents of cab drivers being held-up at gun point and killed for their meager daily earnings. It was because of that topic that we went into this conversation on the way home about how heartless these criminals could get and how you would never know if you live to tell the tale if you were the victim. I asked the cab driver why they had to kill the victims? I mean they were just after the money, which some drivers are willing to give anyway. There was no need to shed a life in the process. Anyway, that was a rhetorical question.

Cab drivers are great, most are well-traveled and you never know you find some who can just surprise you. This one I talked too, might either be "criminally inclined" or he was just well informed about these things that he clarified some misconceptions I had about those situations and what to do when you are in the position of a victim of these perpetrators.

1) Panic. He said it's good to show fear. Don't "not panic" because these criminals, according to him, would think you were arrogant or maybe you had someone strong backing you up, or in bisaya "naay gisaligan". They want to be in power and you ought to make them feel in power because if you don't they could hurt you or even worst kill you just to prove that point. So even if you are not scared, at least show them that you are so that they will feel your fear and hopefully take pity on you instead of hurt you.

2) Don't fight back. Unless bullets can't harm you or you heal extremely fast or you shoot lasers out of your eyes, don't fight back. Kung fu or karate won't do shit for you, not even if you have a weapon. Probably, that guy has a gun and so what ever "Self-defense" that you know won't do you any good when you are shot or stabbed. Most of them have "back-up" too in case some thing goes wrong. Usually, these people are just a few feet watching from the shadows ready to render help if their "colleague" finds himself in any trouble. They are that organized and unscrupulous. So you have to assume they know what they are doing.

3) Give them what ever they want. Remember this, SOME HAS KILLED FOR LESS. Just earlier this year, a graduating nursing student from a university here was shot because she refused to hand over her cellphone worth roughly about P9,000. She lost her life for that amount. I remember another one was also shot in the jeepney because of a cheap Nokia 3310. Again, some have killed for less. Cellphones, jewelry, money and other valuable stuffs can be bought or you can save it again later but your life is priceless. Even if that is not yours, a little argument later on from whoever you borrowed it from is worth it as long a you are safe.

4) Don't look at their faces. According to the cab driver, the reason these criminals choose to kill their victims because the victims looked at their faces and they were afraid that they will be remembered next time. Don't be a hero. If someone holds you at gun point, close your eyes or look down. Tell them you are not looking at their faces and that you don't want to get hurt nor try to look for them. Beg for sweet mercy if you have to.

5) Don't scream. They will shoot you for alarming others.

6) PRAY. You never know what will happen. If it's your time, it's your time. Pray for God or whoever you pray too if you are not Christian that these people will just get what they want and go. The trauma will be there in the end that's a given however, it never hurts to pray for peace.

Anyway, I think that's enough. I hope whoever is reading this learned something. God Bless us all....
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