Monday, August 16, 2010

Love or Lust?

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At the peak of your loneliness, what would you prefer? LOVE or LUST? Would you rather go for a one night stand or just continue on searching for "the one". Most would answer "Love", of course it's the ideal answer, but it cannot be denied that in reality, most would unintentionally, go for the other alternative. I mean, at the peak of someone's need for companionship, it wouldn't matter anymore right? What's worst is that some would even mask the carnal desire with loving that person. Either to justify their own guilt or to assure the other that, that's not what they are after.. Oh yeah, don't deny if you know what I'm talking about.:P Personally, I won't try to justify myself. I think we do a lot of things we are not proud of if we're bored. Sometimes we even go into extramarital affairs, hey, you can be not alone but lonely too right?

When asked about this, surprisingly some admitted to rather be horny than lonely. A temporary high in pretended to be lovers is a good way to solve the loneliness but does it really mask everything? Can anybody be truly happy with just lust? Some would even joke that they would rather have love because lust will come after naturally. Seriously, I admit having a fling is interesting. It's new and adventurous as compared to a commitment. It has a mix of uncertainty and drama that keeps you hanging and wondering. You fall in love with the idea of being inlove. If you don't know how to distinguish then you will certainly lose to the feeling and if your partner does not have the same mindset then be prepared to lose "your arrangement".

But when all else fails, what remains? Would it be love and lust? I think we all know the answer to that. Compared to a common fling, or a person who's more then a friend, like a lover but less than a commitment, a real commitment is forever, you tie your lives together, the promises come in and you blanket yourself with security. I know not all commitments last, God knows I know that now but still it's better than none. It's better to have loved and then lost than to have not loved at all and never lost anything because you never gained anything.

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