Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things the kids today won't be able to experience...

I saw this article on the CNN website and I thought I would make my own version.

1) The Macarena/asereje/ochoocho dance craze- I know you danced it and still remember how to dance it.

2) Planet Pluto - We will be the last generation to remember Pluto the planet. Currently we only have 8 planets in our solar system. The higher ups decided that Pluto was too small to be a planet so he was ousted, evicted and abandoned. I heart you Pluto!

3) The Casette and Betamax - "Rewind" has lost it's meaning. Gone are the tapes and hello are the CDs. It started with VCD, DVD, mDVD, CDRw, CDr. To those who still have radios and "karaokes" or appliance that still play them, keep them, they might be antiques someday.

4) Bubble Gang- At a time when the jokes they had on the show were actually funny. Joke which did not involve sex, couples in bed, a tantruming child and sexy women. Remember the "What if.."-'s jokes? I remember to always laugh out loud to them. Now, that was real comedy. Either that or my humor

5) Non-aircon Taxi - "HUH?" Yep folks, there were such things as non-aircon taxis. I heard they are still present somewhere out there, in some islands of the PI.

6) Boy Bands and Girl Bands - Most kids today will probably cringe at the idea like how we cringe at The beatles but you have to admit, for a time, groups like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, Hanson, etc. were the biggest IT things for a time before the Pussycat Girls.

7) Encyclopedia - I know you still have yours. When was the last time you opened it instead of going to WIKIPEDIA? hahaha aminin!!!

8) Brick Game - Before the PSP, Before the playstation, before there was even game boy, before family computer, there was brick game. The game that has it's own illness. The brick game syndrome. They don't sell these anymore.

9) USC No uniforms - The oldest university of the Philippines is now downgrading to highschool level. Uniforms for everyone with matching haircut. Whatever happened to college?

10) Telegram/airmail - Remember when we had to pay per letter? Remember when the mail meant love letters or letters from people from the province that you know to ask "kamusta ka na?" and not BILLS BILLS and more BILLS.

11) BEEPERS- Before text messaging there was the good old reliable beeper. We had to call a landline number to send a "text" a message for the owner of the beeper. Do you still have yours?

12) Drop Call - A call less than 6 seconds long is FREE. Yes folks, for a time that was possible. Until they fixed the glitch.:P

13) Analog Cellphones and Earlier Phones and phone brands - Cellphones that looked like remote controls with no SIM cards. It seems like ancient history ago. Who could forget 5110, 3210, 3310 or the 10s version of Nokia. BOSCH and SENDO and ALCATEL. When Sony Ericson was just Ericson. That was the time when you can actually say you know all the units of Nokia but now we just keep finding new models so it's impossible to keep track. Remember the time when you had them change the back light, keypads, acetates, colorful casings and chargers.?Lol

14) Morning cartoons or education TV- Batibot, Sesame Street, G.I. Joe, Sara, Sedi, Peterpan. They usually aired at around 9am. I used to watch them all the time and go back to sleep. hahaha Before anime and before Teletubbies or Barny. Cartoons and edTV used to make sense :D

15) Classic Advertisements - Adz like Tender Juicy's "Dear Diary" (I still memorize this! hahaha) and Tony Gonzaga's "I love you PIOLO!" Sprite commercial. They are still etched in our minds right now for setting the trend.:)

16)AUTOGRAPH NOTEBOOK- lol! kids these days will never experience or know that before friendster,facebook, multiply or twitter, We did it the old school way. :D We had to sign "by hand" autograph notebooks our personal information, quotes, likes and dislikes. etc..:P

17) Y2k- back then we were afraid of the year 2000 not 2012:P

18) Mercury thermometers-due to health risks, theses babies were outlawed and replaced with digital thermometers.

Well I can't think of all right now. How about comment below and let me know your ideas. hahahaha :D
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